Blog Fess 1 (Anxious)

I feel really blessed that I had an opportunity to run a blog that caters to anyone. I really hope that I'll have more blogging experience with you. I really like to make it up to you for being gone in a while but now that I am active again, I pledge to commit and put all my efforts in this blog. <3

The last time I was blogging at Lasting on my mind, I had hopes to satisfy my audience by adapting through the social media changes. I visualized my ideas and wished that I put them into real computer coding so I would make your visit really remarkable. However, when I was typing the codes, something went wrong with the internet connection. It came to me really slow that I have to restart my laptop. And then in one move, everything was gone. Everything I worked hard for in two years. It was devastating to think that I have to start over again. I finally feel committed to posting weekly in my old blog. Yet all the things I sought for was taken away by a blink. Good thing I had back up. I saved all my works through a flash drive. But I would not post all of my blogs there here, I still respect the copyright of my old blog. With that note, I decided to post a few samples here and hopefully have the urge to COMPILE ALL of them in ONE BOOK. 

I fell in love with blogging and I still want to continue my journey with another chapter. I hope that you still want to join me in this endeavor and I really want to make all my plans come to life. I work at my very best and strive harder to make a difference. Hopefully I could inspire you to be the best version of yourself the way I venture life everyday. If not, have it your way.

I'm really excited with this one!

Hopes up.


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