Why Watching Horror Movies is Good for You

Published at Lasting On My Mind, on Dec. 1, 2014

Horror movies is a genre that is least desired or chosen as a clip rolling on t.v. screens. This genre anchors a specific audience from an age group of thirteen and above for parents or they (the audience) themselves fear that their children would gain the wrong notions from watching them. Many end up becoming too paranoid at the noises at night, the secluded window at the corner, the bathroom or the basement, or their own mother or father. Some say they don't watch horror because they don't learn or gain something from them. 

However, people should know the good effects of watching Horror. This list is just my general observation and my personal realization. So go ahead read this post and then watch horror movies after, if you don't believe me. 

1. Can make you TOUGHER

 -And stronger. Not only because you've realized that in order to be immune to this type of film, you'll have to look at your seat mate's face while s/he's scared. No pun intended, but what I truly meant was, making a leap between watching horror over comedy or romcoms or  action or sitcoms (not degrading other movie genres), is very brave of you. But keeping up with each gory/ misleading/ non-harmful scenes until the end or up to the entire marathon is very courageous. You may now shout out loud "I am a SURVIVOR!"; It's not easy to see people in those situations while you have nothing to do but watch them "suffer." And you begin to see yourself supporting them/The Main Character until the end of the film.

2. The Catharsis (or release of emotions)

 - Feeling heavy lately? Sit back, or jump back and forth while screaming as you watch your favorite Evil Dead Trilogy as a guilty pleasure. You can laugh at the poor production of other films, appreciate the revolutionized version of today's films than it was decades ago, cry on the victim's death, and learn your special talent "duck-cover-hold" on special or most scenes from the film. That's one way to distress yourself. Well done. Now let's watch part 2! Yes?

3. Enables you to be wiser

 -by strategizing "escape plans" just in case you or someone else gets: chased by a lion-horse-dragon-bat monster, possessed by a demon, stabbed by a vicious serial killer on the lose, and others. Let's hope any of these doesn't happen in your real life.
 -by not committing the same mistakes of the Main Character (i.e. leaving the oven open, leaving the front door open, staying away from daily work outs, etc)
 -by being knowing the places you stay and people you live with (for you might discover whoever else you share your toothbrush with)
 -In life, in general. You can also develop your special sense of following your intuition > your inner voice of doubt. 

4. Helps you be PREPARED
 -Get your emergency numbers at your back pocket. Connections and good records matter. You might want to be nice to everyone because you'll never know who'll help you would need someday. But not too sweet that you unlock your vulnerable side. In watching horror films, you will realize that there are times that "you are your strongest weapon" too, so hold on to your Trust Button and press it later on.

5. Will be aware of what really matters.

 - Watching HORROR will help you become more FAITHFUL to God (or whatever higher being you believe in.) You'll realize that humans aren't the "stronger being" and have the "stronger power" but there's someone or something else out there. 

Now that you know five out of the many perks of watching this movie genre, I hope that you'd consider and make a leap in watching them from time to time. Feel free to invite friends, to cover your head with your fluffy pillow, to jump or jug in place, to scream your mother's name in the chasing part; because it's so awful if you do it at the beginning of the movie. But dare you to turn your lights off?
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