The Art in these Verses

People gone off relationships
Because they think they gave more
Than what one's partner gives.
Truth is, they're both frustrated. 
They gave equally--
But not accordingly.

Mistake is not always a sin.
Most of the time,
It is our demons.
It is our intentions.
It is our misconceptions.
the way no one expected
in a manner that isn't

They say,

To love is to give more than to receive.
No one says it's wrong;
No one said it was right.
Thing is, both parties gave
Based on one's own needs.
Unaware of what the other
Victims cannot foresee.
THEY just give, and give, 
until the option is up.
Not knowing they've been taking
what the other desires
to get.

The effect is like a venom.

It's poisonous!
It is deadly.
From a simple deed, 
one can grow out of
and slowly kill
without knowing how 
one's been defeated.

This isn't sexism.

It's reality
It's human nature!
Learning how to give
Based on what the other 
Learning how to let go of 
receiving perhaps
Learning and accepting
Our differences.
This is a lesson
Each must know.

But it is also a secret.

It is hidden beneath 
the treasure of gold and silver
within the diamond mines
Locked in a heart that has to
be opened.
And those who knew from the start,
were lucky.
Those who knew now, 
have a chance!
Those who shut themselves completely,
are doomed!

You may have learned this conspiracy truth,

reality sucks
yet we have to live into its plans.
Or else
we don't have a choice
But to.

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