I've never rode the MOA Eye... but I love to. I just wanted to share it with someone special.

Phil grabbed my hand as I looked at the grand ferris wheel at the Mall of Asia. He rushed inside, him leading me as his woody scent fills the path we take. I really love Phil more than any other guy. He's really special to me. 

He smiles at me as I look at the spectacular view of the sunset at bay.  I glanced at him and I see him looking right through my eyes, to my nose then to my lips, and back to my eyes again. He touches my cheeks and bites his lip. He clears his throat before he speaks, "you are very pretty Mimi."
I blushed and giggled off in response. He continues to look at me without breaking the contact. I brushed him off, "what?"
"Nothing. It's just that I feel so lucky to have a girlfriend like you."
"Is that so?" I asked.
"Well, you're perfect to me. And I was hoping if you could be my girlfriend."

I let the silence enter the room. I paused to clear my thoughts as our cable elevates higher. I noticed his knees shaking, him continuously rubbing his palms with each other, his eyebrows raised waiting for an answer.

"You know," I broke the silence and looked at the bay, "before met you, I thought I've had serious relationships. I'm not used to talking about my past. The thing is I'm not used to this kind of thing." He attentively listens at me as I elaborated my thoughts. I continued to watch the ripples of the bay as rays of sunshine poke on its flow.

"I used to be into technology. And my previous relationships revolved around texting and in the cyber space. I rarely got into real dates, real courting, real things. Anyway," I smiled and look at him hesitantly, "you are a pretty cool person... I'll have two conditions if you wanted to be my boyfriend."
"Okay, what are those?" He asks with patience.

"First, complete honesty. I want you to be honest with me no matter how hard it is to say things and no matter how affected you think I might get. Second, privacy. I still want my personal space. And I'll give you the same thing you need. " I glance at him, at his eyes even if it is distant from me. His 6'1 inches tall and I am only 5'2 inches so there is a huge gap between our height. He looks at me as if it were a brilliant idea of mine.

"Agree. So are we...?"

I interrupted as we neared to the top. 

"--Hey we're almost at the peak. Make a wish!" I closed my eyes, crossed both of my fingers and wished for answers. I don't know if he did the same. I opened my eyes and he is still looking at me. 

In this ten minute ride, we have already consumed half of it defining something that might change everything. I cannot believe this is happening.

"What did you wish for?" he asked interested at me.
"Hmmmm. my wish is to know what you wished for." I cleverly replied.
"Hahaha. Okay I believe you." He said sarcastically and I returned a grin. 
"Oh come on. Please tell me." I requested flirtatiously. 
"Okay." He licks his lip and grabs both my cheeks and kissed me. I froze from his unexpected gesture but I felt his soft lips caressing mine. It felt really good and I just wanted to savor the moment  of our first kiss while in sunset. But I stopped him.

"What, you didn't like it?" He was worried if he did something wrong.
"Of course I didn't like it." I said in a fake angry tone; then I shifted my tone into sweetness, "I love it!" and grabbed his neckline towards me. He kissed me again and I wrapped my arms around his neck as he enveloped his arms around my waist. It was fantastic. I felt his warm breaths hitting my cheeks as he held me tighter. I can smell my perfume and his on the cable. 

As soon as we reached the ground, we broke off our kiss and got off the ride. I tuck my lips in and smiled as I look at him. He reaches for my left hand and holds it as we walk at the bay. 

"Yeah" I say to him.
"Okay? Yeah? What?" He replied. 
I frowned from his slowness. "I'll be your girlfriend."
I hid my lips.

"Are you saying that because we kissed or are you saying that because you mean it or are you saying that because you don't want to reject me?"

"None of the above." And he returned a shocking look, "Kidding." I defended. "I want to be your girlfriend because I love you. And I was meant to say it but then I just wanted to make a wish first. HAHA"

"Was that really your wish, to know my wish?" He asks teasingly.

"Of course not. Well, yes. But what I really wished for is that this isn't just a dream. I wish it is reality."

"Mimi wake up! Hello. Your presentation!" Professor Leah interrupted me as she wanted to remind me I was next to present the oral defense. Shit it was just a dream! I completely forgot to rehearse my thoughts before. And how the heck did I ever get into none sense dreams?

"Okay, I'll just prepare." I replied, collecting all my cue cards, flash drive and notes before my speech. I stood up in front of the auditorium.

"Good morning." I said while looking at the back door to ease the tension. Then it opened and I saw a six foot one inches tall guy that I've never met before. Phil.

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