Titanic: The Unsinkable

In darkness, I wonder why my sight's taken away from me and ask myself, "Is it completely dark enough for me to see nothing or am I just shutting my eyes tight?"

A ship I climb aboard, with smiles and joys that transformed my woes into hope, dreams into a pictured reality. A captain that welcomed me hospitably, without expecting much in return. I reached in and fastened myself in an adventure. I went out and saw the world with people that captured even my soul. When bliss became the cause of eternal sunshine that I wanted to cling into; I was indeed happy for a short time. I felt my hair blowing with the wind and the wind smashing my cheeks; I remember the horizons awing my eyes in each blink. At the state of joy, there is no room for agony, only the hope that the moment won't be a bad as a forgotten memory. 

There was a turbulent blow. As much as anyone tried to fix it, the ship is already broken. Let's not waste our effort to be civil in something that's pathetically ruined... I've lost it! As much as I wanted to abort in surrendering, I basked in the cold surprise of that night. A life began, a life lost.

The ship has sailed.

The ship has sank.

There were memories that I long to commemorate. There were thoughts that lingered and returned to me every now and then. And whenever I feel the cold winter snow, I remember how we exchanged our ideas as we look up at the night sky... One starry night. One that once was really beautiful; when its stars were as effervescent as you said my glow was. We kissed, it was as magical as the vaguely written plan to lose you in that same moment. Jack, you'll be the one that will hold my heart among the fifty-two of you. I can't find my Jack of which holds my heart. Trapped in darkness, you can already expect my vision existing but taken away from me. 

I definitely miss you, J.
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