Slick Words Won't Hurt

I gasp another air as I breathe passing by these hallways I have to undertake.It's not that I am weak, it's not that I am not strong enough; it's just that I have had enough. Everyday is another battle against those faces, those whispers, those mockery. It's a war between humility, acceptance, courage, trust, and value. I have my own that many do not understand. I don't owe them any explanation, for they will always have bigoted thoughts. I deserve more than defending myself to righteousness. I did what I could. 

I buried the past that but they keep on digging as if it were a treasure they'd love to shout "eureka" at. I am ready to reject the fact that "good neighbors make good fences", and I keep mine as tall as the skyscraper; The fact that we cannot be friends, is something I accept more that the fear of losing you. The idea of trusting someone again, of having your whole trust into someone, and they'd just smash it like it's nothing but a soft rock; the thought of encompassing each day with another hope, not to be back with them again, but for everything to be over. I don't want to lend them my heart again like I used to bring them in a silver platter at their table. The pieces of my heart, broken but altogether stronger, gives me the sense that I'd rather have one true friend by my side than have all of the sham promises from majority of the population. 

With every miserable choking of lies, comes from the aftermath of suffocation, "How could they do this to me?" I guess, when you're kind enough, people will still find a way to make you seem evil. Words are powerful, but nothing can be more powerful than the love of God and the faith that I have with him. I have strength and dignity that no one could ever take away from me. I didn't choose to be beautiful, I only chose to be smart and kind. This is why I am me...but some people could not really "accept" the fact. This endeavor taught me, "intelligence is not enough. You have to be tough, too." While stuck in the daily rut, I won't sneak my way out without proving them wrong.

Every step, a courage. Every grieve is an exchange of a much precise happiness that cannot be indignified. Don't fear rejection because there is no such thing as lasting humiliation. Cling into hope. Keep your intentions clear. Most of all, always trust yourself more than anybody else.

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