~based on the film Song of the Sea~

I just wanted to play with Ben. 
I know he blames me for mom's loss.
I know why he dislikes me because father favours me because I've got mom's eyes, cheeks, lips, skin...but not everything she has.
I wish I had her voice.
I wish I could tell Ben that I just wanted to play with him.
I wish I that we could swim around the shore and listen to his great stories mom told him about before I was born.

As he continues kicking me off his league, I landed to the sand just near by the shore as he continues reading his notebook of mom's stories. I stuck mesmerised as I hear the wave kissing the shore. The sea welcomes me home and it felt like I need to walk towards it.

"Saorsie, I'm not watching over you again. Dad said I'm in charge!" I hear Ben's voice. I don't want to disobey him but I don't want to miss out great things as well.

I walk near the seals as their heads popped up the water and began watching me approaching them. I understand what the seals squeal at me, "Selkie. The Legend of the Selks." But my name is not Selkie, it's Saorsie...Seer-sha, not Sell-key 

"Saorsie!" Shouts Ben, but I hear his voice echoing lesser and lesser. "Seer-sha!" Until his voice vanished into the air.

There were bubbles roaring near me, then erupted my brother Ben gasping for air. Oh my I totally forgot the string wire attached to me and him so we will watch over the other. 

I can't believe I caused so much trouble, especially to Ben.

"Dad, it's not my fault. It was Saorsie."

As we stood up at the lighthouse we lived, Conor carried and raised me up to the air, "Oh where's my birthday girl. Oh Yes you are arrested and are in big trouble." Then he tickles me by my stomach as I growl in giggles.

I opened my eyes and saw my brother pout at me and embraced his dog, Coo. His tears at Coo, and their embrace just translates to my inexistence. Ben closes his eyes shut as he hugs Coo tighter. I wish I was the one he is hugging his miseries to, but I know how much he hates me. I just wish I could tell him that I love him. 

But I can't.
I couldn't speak. 
And even if I could, how could he ever forgive me? My existence brought disappearance to the love of his life, mother. He will never celebrate for as long as I live.

How could he celebrate my birthday if it is also my our mother's death anniversary? 
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