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~based on the film Song of the Sea ~ I just wanted to play with Ben.  I know he blames me for mom's loss. I know why he dislikes me beca...
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Selkie Selkie Reviewed by Michelle Tan on 3:02 PM Rating: 5
Titanic: The Unsinkable Titanic: The Unsinkable Reviewed by Michelle Tan on 10:48 PM Rating: 5
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Flare! They say I'm rare; Locked up in heat, Honed in pressure, Strong heart that beats , Some kind of treasure! Piece of stone of Cutti...
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Diamante Diamante Reviewed by Michelle Tan on 9:40 PM Rating: 5
Slick Words Won't Hurt Slick Words Won't Hurt Reviewed by Michelle Tan on 9:16 PM Rating: 5
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 (OF THE LAST LEAF) for Camille Tan Falling had always looked exciting. Every leaf in this tree felt like it is the best goal we have...
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The Fall The Fall Reviewed by Michelle Tan on 5:06 PM Rating: 5
A Salty Splash A Salty Splash Reviewed by Michelle Tan on 4:13 PM Rating: 5

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