Dessert First Before Anything Else

Kat's cupcakes go with small, medium, and large boxes

            March is marching down our calendars. You know what that means-- The Heat is up in Manila. By heat, I mean, different sorts of energy that will reside everywhere: The air, the ambience, the plans, and the food. So this month's blog feature: A Taste of Summer features a different perspective of how food can recreate memories that will surely last.

            Dessert First Before Anything ELSE! We're breaking the rules when it comes to the hierarchal order of consuming food. Yes, we're welcoming the sweetness in summer by Kat's Cupcakes!

Meet my friend, Kat!
            My elementary-high school buddy Kat lives nearby my house and we were bus mates. Back then at junior to senior year she sells her cupcakes. Remember the time when Red Velvets are sprouting at every corner in town, booming businesses into local destinations. As a member of the anti-pop culture, I never was a fond of the idea that going with the in. Until Kat, one day, pops out of the open and says "Red Velvet for you, Tami." I awoke at my slumber (during a bus ride to school) because I thought she was giving me a red blanket to match Little Red Riding Hood. To my surprise I saw a strawberry-like mini cake with tempting cream-beige icing in front of me. I looked at her and said "sure Thanks." My first bite is something I will never forget. It changed the ways I looked at cakes.

Thanks to Kat, I've been ordering every month her cupcake RV's so I could "satisfy" my cravings. She also bakes Vanilla, Carrots, etc. but I am loyal with my infatuation at RV's. This continued until we graduated high school.

At my graduation day, I said, "Well, I'll be only missing two things in high school. First is my school bus (because I will be commuting in college) and will miss the fact that I wouldn't prepare for the transportation fare every now and then. Second are Kat’s cupcakes."

It's been two years since I last tasted her cupcakes. Indeed, I was right about what I said on my grad day. I missed her cupcakes so much that my cravings start to kill me every now and then. College is making me too busy with my life to the point that the things that I have loved are trespassing my mind. I was so occupied with the things in my life that I forgot to sit back, chill, and taste Kat's RV's. So, I guess chatting her up on Facebook won't hurt my ego, I did and voila!

I ordered two dozen... but it isn't just for me, I gave some to my loved ones too; When they all returned a smile at me, all the paranoia and damages that College did to me, faded away. Even my trauma for dogs (well a little.)

            The thing with desserts that it's sweet in the very sense that if you are feeling low, stressed, bitter in your life, with just a bite you'd be able to forget to woes and even have a sense of hope afterwards. Treats can be your friend, a sense of inspiration, a reward, or even a gift if you are planning to reach something amazing to your life. Desserts create memories that when eaten, will flash back to your thoughts a feeling of greatness that you would always want to recount.

Kat's Casa! You will love it here <3 td="">

I vowed to Kat that I'll be visiting her every now and then; Because it's her fault that her (great) cupcakes keep on haunting my clouded thoughts. Here's why it's so great.

1. It looks great
2. It tastes great
3. It's so affordable
4. You get to touch her dogs and even take selfies with them
5. You're missing out life when you say NO to her "sweeties"

Well, you got to see and taste it for yourself. At twenty pesos, it will be worth it: a cupcake with a smile and a bonus  (lick from her dogs if you're a good customer). Give some to your friends, too. They might return the favor my picking the frosting at your face. It's fun!


 Meet Ponkan

CONTACT Katrina: 09228490851

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