Dawn at Twilight

At sunset during spring time, there is a kind of wind that blows the mind and the kind of air that captures the soul.
Where each petal blooms, scented like fresh soap from the box. Where the grass I lay now is the softest satin silk. The mixture of the pink and gray sky hugs the blue clouds over the lavender horizon; all contrasting with the auburn fire of the sun.

He holds my hand now as I felt the butterflies soar in my stomach the way the ivory flocks towards the sunset. His hair is the brownest chocolate that smells like sweet strawberries at my pan cakes at breakfast. I love the way his luminous skin glows in this golden hour as we watch the sun kiss the river in between two hills; which shadows the both of us right now. At this point, I wonder how much I thirsted for this moment in life ever since the age of strong influence of fairy tales. 

He tucks my hair behind my ear and I bit my lips as I felt his fingers linger through my nape down to my spine. He immediately wraps his arms at my lower back and I rested my head at his shoulders. What can make this day more perfect? 

I see the shadow of the hills grew larger and the sky empowered by darkness until the sun envelops invisibility; the ripples of the river from the sun goes to the edge of its corners towards us, sending some signals of dusk.

"You complete me," he says with his deep voice, as dark as the night goes on. His words echoes through my mind bumping each walls of my nerve endings; awakening the senses that were asleep at the morning. He, then, slips his fingers to mine, intertwining at each length. We stood up and walked to our house in the ambience of the warm night.

We interchanged glances. He watches me and I tried my best to look at the floor, until I cannot patch up. I embraced the courage to look at him back, and he looks at me without saying anything. 

The message of his glare is simple and yet completing. With just a glance, we felt our hearts beat at one tempo, our thoughts share the same reciprocity, and our spirit that shares one kind of sincerity. The same way he meant his promise and how this moment was meant for us. 
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