To MaybE

Maybe will always be a mystery

Maybe I loved you; or maybe I just loved the feeling of loving you. Maybe I was scared of the fact that I cannot love myself the way I love you. 

Maybe I was too foolish to think that someone like you could love me too. Maybe I wasn't aware that I wake up each day hopeful, and so broken at night. 

Maybe I liked that feeling too, for at least I can be luminous each day. 

Maybe I was also scared to see what would happen next if I tell you. 

Maybe I never had the guts to tell you because I was afraid to lose you. But how would you lose someone that's never yours?
Yours to hold, yours to love, yours to keep, yours to cherish.

Maybe you felt the same way too.

And maybe we let this moment pass and forget that maybe what we had was real.


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  1. True. Maybe sometimes we got to let go most of our what-ifs. :(
    I am inspired! Thank you!


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