Strong Woman

People say that beautiful women do not have the right to become sad BECAUSE their beauty already makes them secure enough to hold on to their life. But what are the odds that some of them do make great fortune, do persuade others to use the same skin care regime they have, and try to convince themselves that they could inspire others as much as they could love themselves? Only a few, perhaps.

Why a few, if you may ask. Maybe it's because of us too, the way we set unrealistic standards for people to aim for, in a way that they'd die for it. Others, have given up and refrained afraid to show their true colors, embrace their effervescent curves. Some understood the essence of individuality. These people are the ones we should acknowledge for; these people are not only contended with what they have, who they are, and how they raise their flags in this battle called life. But also, they scrutinize all the blessings that come to their life and use them as a tool to match the diverse and spontaneous changes of the standards we create. 

So I am here to post a unique post for all the women out there. Women are strong; they bear the pain no one would dare carry. They shoulder each other on times of trial; they face every challenge with dignity and grace.

We live in this life where "what people think" mattered. And by people comes the majority of the population who are influenced with a thought of belongingness when fully embraced.

Sometimes, to the extent that we forget the beauty of imperfection. We forget to challenge ourselves to be who we are because we are reminded by this thought.

It is time that we erase that mindset and begin with a fruitful and peaceful endeavor with INDIVIDUALITY. 
 This meant that we are here to make our move and inspire more people by showing our true color. Because "The beauty of life isn't all about how people view us in their eyes but by their heart." When we experience pain, and it makes us stronger, this makes us beautiful no matter how scarred we truly are. 

So I dare you to be BOLD. Be you! Always! 

 Of course, making the first move to change is always difficult. It becomes uneasy when you are piled up with questions and doubts that hinder your endeavor. Followed by the biggest insecurity of "acceptance and support" from all the people you love. 

However ask yourself, "At the end of this experience, will I be happy if what people think would always be my top priority in life?" Assess yourself if "choosing the path of BECOMING YOURSELF 101% would make you a better person?" If the you answered yes in question number 2, then acceptance and support will follow. Always remember that you have to be strong in order for you to embrace, accept, and support all your imperfections.

Who says a woman only celebrates her femininity not only on Fridays?

Don't be afraid to make the move. 

It only needs a few adjustments. . . 

Top & Cap : Forever 21
Cotton Jeans : Uniqlo
Shoes : Converse
Bag : Giani Bernini

Photos by Dominique Navarro

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