Insurmountable 2: Supplementary Revelations

Ripped before I was able to consume the thoughts that I can never be honored.

In a generation where respect lies on the person's celibacy, getting it back won't make things any better for what they think of me.

13 hours earlier...

Today I turned sixteen. Everybody's talking about how wonderful it is to be sixteen--parties, cars, boys, "Dream body", freedom, fun, and practically all things that do not belong to my interests. Sixteen, they say, is a glorious year of recognition to the beginning of happiness. Although this might be true for most girls, I will need a miracle for it to happen to me.

Not that I am complaining about my life, I mean. I live a simple life with my dad now. He's the chief officer of the law, a police, and I am his princess. We live on a suburb, guarded. He didn't want my mom to discover where we live, so all things a typical teenage girl would posses are not given for me. He didn't let me meet new people, have friends, watch t.v., own a phone, have an e-mail... In return, I only get to enjoy unlimited books on my bedroom. And by "going out" means replacing the garbage, going to church, do the groceries, buy more books (and clothes sometimes). This, for me, is freedom.

I'm happy that way, too but sometimes I am curious... What did she look like? What could my life had been if I live in another's? What do "normal" girls feel like?

Sometimes, I need that life more than what I have now. More than being dictated like a machine, or being locked up like a captive. But, if I don't have this life, the magic of freedom will always be a mystery and less appreciated. Like, when I go out people look at me and tell me how great I look, ask if I have a boyfriend. Sometimes I want to talk to them; but smiling was only my way to return the favor. They knew that I am his daughter. The Chief Police.

I cherish each and every time I go out my house; smelling the flowers, feeling the breeze touch my cheeks and unravel my hair. Forty minutes; I am given that time span to embrace the freedom of Earth. It isn't so bad. I know every moment is worth it. Even now that I am heading towards a convenience store. Dad normally gives me $100 to spend on anything I want; but since it is my birthday, I get an additional two hundred percent. 

Books are always on top of my list, but today I'll go for food and clothes. My dad gave me a room full of books when I moved here with him six years ago. I forgot what else happened before it but he said that it isn't important. It's darkness. I forgot what darkness seemed and felt like. Tears began to fill my eyes but I don't let them fall. I don't want to remember. I read books to forget. Learning is just secondary. Books give me the freedom I create, when there are no boundaries; it's my own world, my dignity, my happiness, and the very most sacred part of me.

"You look familiar miss." A teenage boy at the counter looks at me in his deep brown eyes. I noticed how close his eyelids are.

"I'm sorry, I don't have Chinese friends" or any friends to begin with. Okay, my stereotyping again. 

He studies my face as I studied his. He has pointed chin, round pink cheeks, dilated pupils, and a scar on his right eye. I have mine at the same direction too. I am really sure that he is Chinese but I am not so sure now because his eyes look wide enough now. I scanned for his tag, after noticing his uniform. "CHARLES." I read.
I pointed in the steel pin, "Like the prince? You look more like the knight, brother" I say and glance at his semi-buffed shoulders.

"You're the girl who always buy books at Smart Buy! I work there." He says blankly.
"Well, I'm not supposed to be here," he adds. "I just need to buy food for my mom. She's sick. I don't want to see her ill."
I frowned. "I hope your mother gets well. I have to go now. I didn't plan to make friends on my birthday." What did I do? I wasn't supposed to tell strangers it's my BIRTHDAY. 

"It's your birthday? Wow Happy Birthday! How old are you? No, let me guess..." And another reason for him to study my face. He always looks at my eyes first tracing down to my nose, lips, chin, neck, hair, ear, cheeks, forehead, and back to my eyes again. 

"Sixteen." He said.
I was shocked. I don't know what people are aware with the information given to me but it's either this dude is so weird, or he is a stalker, or he is just a great observer. 
"Most women deny their age, but you call tell me the truth. Trust me." OKAY, He didn't cross the line there, did he?
"Uhh yeah. I have to go now. Bye Charles." I start to love and hate that name. Did I say love, I mean I love pronouncing that name. Charles. It's like blobbing out things in the water. It's that fun.

"Wait, what's your name?" He added.
"STACEY." I say. "And don't ask for my surname." I added.
"Stacey. I like that. What's your last name."
"Did I warn you not to?" Why am I still conversing with him?
"Yes you did. But I'm not gonna make fun of it, swear."
"Promise not to call my whole name?"  I feel like melting now. I feel the sudden attraction. He is flirting with me, or is he? But I think I love-hate him.
I gasp for the air. "Lee." I say.
"Stacey Lee." He said and laughs.
"Argh, I shouldn't have bothered. Good bye Charles."
"No, no wait. I think it's cute. Stacey Lee. Stay Silly." and now he's making fun of me. It's official, I hate him!
"I hate you."
"I like you Stacey." 
"I don't think so. Bye." I immediately turned away from him. How could I trust people so easily, on my birthday?
"Wait, stop." He grabs me. "I'm sorry for laughing at your name on your sixteenth birthday but I just. It's just that you reminded me of my long lost friend and crush, Hope. She's my first love and I thought that by chance, you were her."
"So you didn't like me?" Am I trying to flirt? 

Whatever, I feel the sudden pain in my chest called jealousy for a girl who looks like me and deliberately is his first crush.

"I do. I've moved on with Hope." He said, and I continue to breathe again.
"Well, I don't want to hear your issues with your ex girlfriends. I'm running out of time. Bye." I trail to the nearest exit not minding where I go.
"But you just got here." He follows me.
"Can I get your phone?"
"I don't have one." 
"What, what kind of teenager doesn't have a phone?"
I narrowed my eyes while I continue walking and said, "Me."
"oh okay, e-mail?" He says while I shake my head recklessly.
"address? can I walk you home?"
"What are you? Are you planning to rape me?"
"It's not rape when you want it. But no, I don't want to if you don't want to. And I know you've got a boyfriend. I'm just trying to be friends. But you're always out of my reach."

"Out of your reach? Why, I have a curfew." I should stop talking.
"A curfew? Wow, you are a mystique." 

I didn't notice that we are a block away from the house. He almost walked me to my house. 
"Charles, you can walk me until this point." I point my toes at the blank rough ground and trace a straight line. "Here. My dad won't want it if he sees me talking to strangers." We stopped at that point.
"Strangers? I thought we are friends? Okay, I don't want to make your dad mad but what about what you want? Doesn't it matter to you?"
"You're a trouble maker, are you? It's always what you want that you follow and not what others, huh?"
"That's why I followed you." Something electrified my stomach and circled through my spine. I'm feeling butterflies for this guy and I don't know what he feels about me, because honestly, I cannot take his blank and wide stares at me.

"Well do not follow me now."
"Can't do that"
"Okay, let's play a game. Give me a ten second head start and you can follow me anywhere I go."
"I'm up for it." His teeth reveals how awful he smiles. But I still like it. 
"You count."
"Ten, nine." Oh my gosh he just started. That means I have to. I geared myself for the fastest adrenaline yet. This guy is crazy. 
I hid myself at my neighbor's back yard, tree, mailbox, and everything else until there is no sign of Charles. Oh God I forgot to ask his last name.

But at least I am home.
I opened the door and saw dad worried at the stairs.

"Stacey what happened? why are you acting like you are being chased?"
"it's nothing dad. Crazy dogs." I smiled and walked towards him.
"Happy Birthday Sweetie. Dad loves you."
"I love you too. Thanks dad."
"Promise me you will only love me and don't get any boyfriend."
"I don't have any boyfriend."
"Good. Stay upstairs while I finish cooking your favorite spaghetti.
"Awww." I was too excited that I vanished downstairs immediately.

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