The Bridge

Above the bridge was two lovers. 
Staring from the flowing water of the river, and not at each other's eyes.
Her arms crossed and feet together while he is constantly looking at his watch. 
He watches their shadow move from east to west.
She took a number of glances at him without getting caught.
He watched her. . . wanting to say something.
But their eyes fell flat on the floor.

They exchanged love the way they wanted to receive that kind of affection from the other, but they never get what they wanted. Refusing to strive in trying harder, to ask how they'll "serve" the other. Doubting the chance that everything they needed will be reciprocated. Unwilling to sacrifice a part of their old thought for the "happiness" or satisfaction the other can have.

Tired from their relationship, they never realized their differences. They only thought that they were the same, and so they loved in the same measure. 

All he needed most was to be trusted for. All she needed most was to be cared for. Still, they thought that "fixing" each other is the solution. They gave but never received their needs. 

She stood up and walked to her right, away from him never looking back.
He debated. Wanting to follow her but not wanting what's theirs at the past. She expected him to run towards her. 

He stayed, assuming she'll come back to him.

Their love story never continued because they never communicated their needs. They didn't want to hurt each other, so they ended up hurting themselves.

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