Staring will always be my mantra. I looked at pictures the way no one among you did. The absence of my peripheral only lacked me to perceive what your eyes console. 

             The vain man loves me. He adores every aluminum pieces of me, until the day I swear I am broken. Placed for boredom all of you me effort to fix yourself for one's sake. You use me, hang me like Jesus and wipe me the moment you thought you're faded or as if you are growing molds onto your skin.

             The survivor thinks I am the only key to his owed life; dropping all his weapons, surrendering and trusting every ounce of courage for his life. I am surprised to see that even at the bloodiest state of his being, his grip on me is detachable. He waves me to the heavens or would probably face me to the enemy for camouflage. To the day he sees salvation, we will always keep in touch.

             The indifferent will always be placeholders. They are there to watch you. Suffer in Pain. They are there to witness the improvement of their own lives, but to also witness the day their enemies will fall flat to the ground. Somehow, some of them would volunteer to dismember all your pieces and throw them as far as infinity, so that you will never be you again, the only one thing that "messes" with their pride to be On Top of "The List." 

   Three different peopleone of them is you. Don't think I cannot see right through you. Just because you cannot see what is inside of you doesn't mean I cannot do too. I can read beyond what your eyes blink at them, at you, or at me. I can observe everything beyond recognition, because that is what I can only do, even at the absence of my other sense of taste and touch.
   You might be always in control. You might have all the decisions to which direction you want to flash me with your best and worst features. You may have a different story on your side. You might have absorbed the feeling of everything the way I can only see them. 

            Hush. Yes, you can destroy me in one fall. But I am here to tell you that I am me and I'll always look my way to see right through you; to reveal every scattered pieces that you have. 
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