You were right; there is something more to me than I was to you. I loved you. You might say I am wrong, or even when I am right; you'll never understand how it felt. I looked at you the way I feel whenever I am dazzled to win over a losing battle. It is as if I never got my heart broken. Not that I treat like you are the last guy on Earth, but as if you have fallen into my world. You weren't the first one landing into mine, or the person I've loved; and I am not sure if you are the last. One thing is for sure, you are special. I don't know why.

Is it because of the butterflies I felt for the only thing we did? "Hi-Hello!" I'd always be psyched by your presence...counting all of them--the seconds, the breaths, the short pause, and the collision of my world into reality. I am stoned, have you noticed? I don't even have any idea how you felt (for me.) Reading your expressionless face, nothing ever mattered but the space that has been consuming by the two of us every time we meet.
I remember how I always felt whenever we see each other, talk to each other, and share moments with each other--The Same. Even when I am at my lowest point, your presence would automatically lift me up, feeling super giddy about us. People say I owned this sparkle in my eyes that any man would want to claim theirs. The same type of spark that a child would look upon each night and wholeheartedly wish and say anything to it, they say... It's yours. The way I look at you, will always stay the same; in flaming love in an infinite fuel of desire. It's the only thing that I have that could ever be yours.

Reminiscing every greeting we had, we never even bothered to say goodbye. The thought of who would say it first frightens me. If I did, I'll lose you. If you did, I'll lose you and I'll lose me. When that day comes, I know how my world would continuously fade into thin air, vanishing into your appearance. I was never yours, and You were never mine. Even with the only thought that could make me happy, Being Yours IS what I've always dreamed to happen. It will never happen.

Perfectly compatible, our stars are lined up on each others birth to complete each missing piece. We both lived with the same story, same hometown, same history, and same bloodline, some of our preferences. Our height! When I think of it, I imagine how perfect it would be to kiss you and ONLY you. Still, I cannot trespass that kind of thought into reality. The thought and feeling of the love I can never have, petrifies me the way you always do to me. Perfectly incompatible, we cannot stay together!

I can never be The Girl you'd trace her hair through your long fingers, tuck them behind her ear, shoulder when feeling down, drive around town, share the same straw and pop corn with, squeeze time in your busy schedule, and share your life moments with. I can never be the reason of your happiness; the same reason that would keep you waking up each morning, and dreaming about on the evening.

Still, you can always be mine; my happiness; my reason. When you are happy, I am happy. As long as you smile, there would always be a trace of my bliss, due to yours. For you to find your The One is something worth living for and never missing out for. You found your love.

Love Achieves all Obstacles.

I'll meet mine, too. I will. I will. Of course, sometimes I wish he was you.

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