The Night

From dusk knows dusk,
And air
Knows air.
Water to
Mid time is mid time.

Light, I never saw;
But she's always
Revealing herself.

In a constant running,
I chase her.
She seduces me;
She laughs at me.
While I stumble,
She never waits for me.
Still, I love the idea
Of Dawn...
Of Seeing Dawn.
Yet, we are punished of one thing,
The Forbidden sight of each other.
In spite of it, I've heard things about her:

Her beauty defies a glow
That I can't have
The portrayal of fear, death, and escapades
I am
I don't know, If I was
That to her. Or,
If I was that to myself

I am the constant nuisance that brings trouble
to the youth, and to their sleeplessness
to their "un-youthfulness"
to their instant crank and insanity.
Am I really that ugly?

Still, She brings hope.
She is the light, after all.
The Day is a friend to the ones who seek life
The Day is a passion and improvement to one's loved
To prove that they're well, taken-care of.
You, oh Dawn, are that hope I can seek
but can never see.
Hope isn't seen.
It is felt.
And that's how, I ought to propose
my love for you.

But I am the dusk.
And dusk is for dusk.
Dusk is for darkness.
Darkness can never be with light.

But Dawn, you are the light.
The Night The Night Reviewed by Michelle Tan on 10:53 PM Rating: 5


  1. Though im not really a fan of poem but this one is just beautiful <3

    Visit my blog:

    1. Hi Sarah! I'm glad you liked my poem. I haven't wrote one in years (five?) Anyway, your blog looks great.

      Keep in touch?

  2. Shocks! You're not only pretty, but also talented, MICHELLE!



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