Worst Feels Ever

     Let's admit it, it's not everyday that we feel sunshine and rainbows on our side. When the "glory days" are transformed into doomsday, it's worse than wishing the Earth to swallow you whole for a minute or two. It's about wishing the Universe to simply make you, the people who have caused you "the curse", or everybody else but you inexistent in the history of time. It is the day all our embarrassing moments become "not-so-much-of-a-big-deal" anymore, thanks to Doomsday 101.

     Don't just say goodbye permanently to the butterflies and flowers yet. There's always a fix to every disaster encounter you will have to face.

1.   The Scenario: Someone broke, stole, lost, or never returned something VERY important to you. And there is a minimum chance of hope to get it back.
         Description:  Whether it was your latest iPhone, your diary, your latest Samsung Digital Camera, your College textbook, your handouts/notes it all means "everything" to you. That person who "stole" that thing from you might be someone distant or very close to you. Somehow, you cannot manage to forget the deed he has done.
         Virtue You'll Need: Forgiveness and Understanding
         Escape Plan: It's done; It already happened. What to do next is to ponder what matters to you most: your relationship with your things or your relationship with your "inner" self. It's, of course, pathetic for anyone to grab something they do not own, but it is much wiser for you to move on. Lost your phone? Maybe you were not thinking of the risks of texting while walking on the street. Somebody stole your notebook and "killer" handouts, make sure that you have back up next time (a Xerox copy or a recording of your teacher.) Maybe it's time to say goodbye to your attachment with your "gadgets" and engage into a new lifestyle called "practicality" and "simplicity." Keep in mind that for whatever reason they have in "stealing" it to you, and we all know how important it is to you, what matters is that you're never a slave to materials and you "know better" than them.

2.   The Scenario: On a "Mall Church", you are saving a seat for more than five people, while your family has "gone shopping" and they left you with the duty because you are either "not feeling well" or they trust you so much. It's been almost forty minutes and they aren't done shopping, and people are asking if they could grab your "reserved" seats.
         Description: Not only that your time is wasted from waiting for your family, but also, the people doubt you that there are actually people whom you have reserved seats for. They disrespect you in a way that they will want to start a fight just to have their butts kiss gravity and their feet swing to the air. Plus, they even stare at you, (that "burn to hell" look that they put on you.) Take note, on a church in a mall. At the first place, churches are sacred places that are not supposedly built on leisure places. That's double disrespectfulness on their part.
         Virtue You'll Need: Trust, Patience, and Hope
         Escape Plan: Take a look at their faces when your family finally sits on your reserved. Not only that your family trusts you more, but these people felt "the burn" when they doubted that you are saving seats for your family. Now, they are going to stop and stare at your seat for an hour with envy. Hah!

3.      The Scenario: Saving a "table for ten" on a fast food for your friends only to find out that they have ditched you.
         Description: It is On! I'm just kidding. But hey, they made you feel unimportant and ridiculous. A lot of people have asked you for your seats but you have turned them down, not because you wanted to but because you want your friends to feel important. But that's their resolution to your act.
         Virtue You'll Need: Justice, Integrity, and peace
         Escape Plan: The next group of people who'd ask for your seat, allow them to sit with you and talk to them. Refrain from "back stabbing" your so-called friends despite what they have done for you. Talk to them about how come they chose that specific fast food, what are their favorite meals, etc. Make new friends. Later, as you spot your "ninja" friends who try to escape from your palms, talk to them. If not, try making new friends. Ponder what you have done that made them feel distant to you.

4.   The Scenario: Getting blank faces (or shaking of heads) during a presentation/ a defense you have prepared for.
         Description: That is not the feedback you were expecting for. You feel that your efforts are unappreciated, or worse, you feel disrespected. As much as you want to shove their faces in the toilet, you cannot for two reasons (you are outnumbered and you don't have the guts to.)
         Virtue You'll Need: Confidence, Enthusiasm and Tolerance
         Escape Plan: Remember that time when you were laughing while your teacher was discussing The Pythagorean Theorem? It's that kind of humiliation your teacher have had but shunned herself from because she expected a better behavior the next day. Notice how she is the only one listening at you. Well, congratulations, you realize it now, but it's too late because Karma has attacked you. Simply do what you can do to "promote" a better presentation and next time, make it more creative. Then you talk to your teacher about how you feel and promise her that you will listen to her as much as she did to your presentation.

5.   The Scenario: The moment you realized that you left your wallet at home when you are about to pay for your fare on any kind of transportation.
         Description:  Depending on the means is how much extent your negative vibrations are oozing. This is the BURN METER: Jeep (not so much) to Bus (a little considerable) to Trike (into some extent) to train (oh no!) to Shuttle (argh, help me) to Taxi (burning humiliation.)
         Virtue You'll Need: Consideration and Detachment
         Escape Plan: Go down to the automobile and apologize for the driver if you made a mess on them (either you cannot pay today or wait a little while for your payment). Call for a trusted friend (who commutes to the same area as you are.) Ask her to pay you for the fare, and lend you enough money and promise to bring it back the next day. Consider the fact that she will be late on her way to you but simply pray that she does not forget her fees as well. Or, if she is incredibly wealthy, ask her to drop you by your house to have your wallet and carpool onto your way to school. Trust me, even the rich commutes.

6.   The Scenario: The printer broke on the last page of your thesis study.
         Description: Hello unhelpful cartilage.
         Virtue You'll Need: Flexibility
         Escape Plan: Make sure you have extra ink at home, or if the printer is "permanently" damaged (oh what have you done?), ask a friend to print ONLY the last page of your report, send your file to her and pay her your debts. If you are the one whom your friends are printing their projects for, go to the nearest printing or computer shop and print them their files and your file. Call your local printer management and ask them to go there pronto! Just kidding. This is not so much of a big deal.

7.   The Scenario: You are rejected from that internship you are wishing for; or you got fired.
         Description: The big dilemma when you assert your best efforts but still, people build "standards and expectations" that you cannot meet, or somehow, they cannot see in you.
         Virtue You'll Need: Humility and gentleness
         Escape Plan: Accept the fact that there are many rejected people in that internship as you are. If you are fired, accept the fact that maybe that job is not really what is meant for you. All you have to do is accept your limitations and find another establishment that will consider your efforts as excellent. Don't mind how much long your service or loyalty was, it was never fair for them to be close-minded with your opinions.

8.   The Scenario: You accidentally formatted your hard drive with all the important files and memories of the "past"
         Description: Bye movies, bye eBooks, bye too many to mention good photos of my love that I stalked for this long... Because your back-up has no back-up.
         Virtue You'll Need: Assertiveness and Creativity
         Escape Plan: If you have a great memory with all the sources and files that you have, well copy paste them once more. If you cannot recover your files anymore, huhu I am sad for you too. Let's just sing Let It Go! (Opens her mouth) ... Or maybe not.

9.   The Scenario: Explaining to a dictator that he is wrong
         Description: His defense: Guns, bombs and armies. Your defense: toothpick.
         Virtue You'll Need: Respect and Tact.
         Escape Plan: In an honest but smart way, explain what you think was wrong and how it affected you. You may start by laying down the cards slowly. What? He shouts? Okay, good luck with that.

10.  The Scenario: You've just started driving when your car broke down on a highway
         Description: Why are you driving unsupervised? Smart drivers (starters) are always accompanied by the greater being. They know that they cannot drive down the streets without anyone else being their guide to their baby (the car). And why are you even driving on a highway?
         Virtue You'll Need: Flexibility, Thankfulness, and (not a virtue, but anyway) Wisdom
         Escape Plan: Never forget your phone and your extra toolbox. Includes: Batteries, water, wheel, a car manual, etc. Call a friend (or your dad) to help you if you are alone, or call the Transportation Management to help you with the things that need to get done. Accept their valid but hurtful speech about how irresponsible you are from driving unsupervised and on a highway. Apologize for the ones "disturbed" but your and your car's inevitable "pass downs."

     There is a long list waiting for anyone. Doomsday is preying on its next victim, so be glad that you are schooled. For whatever situation you are "stuck in", make sure that you are prepped and confident in facing it. Or else:
You= - ∞ (or lose)
Doomsday= + ∞ (or win)
 No matter what happens, don't ever leave your phone, wit, and wallet at home.

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  1. I guess we have different views Ms.Michelle personally speaking it gets better. Everything gets better. As a saying goes the grass is greener on the other side, simply look over or better yet break fences *barriers* to get there. True depth is not how deep something is, its not when you look down and see pitch black a bottomless pit. Its looking up at the sky and seeing the magnificence of everything that no matter how small or how big an obstacle is its simply a road block to something better. Think about it ;) ponder on it ;) i know you'll get me Ms.Michelle
    -The Little Prince

  2. I find pretty awesome :> and little prince read first okay ? don't go off explaining things without reading.
    -A good friend

  3. Miss MICHELLE. It looks perfect to me. I've seen your efforts into putting up this blog. yeah.

    The Little Prince talks crap! you can't just compare metaphors to reality. TLP is so idealistic. live some life, go outside man.


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