Unexplained Encounters Part 1

by Michelle Tan

There are some unexplainable nights that our bravery cannot defeat. These are the nights or day in which we just want to hide on our room, under the sheets, or into our closets; but stumble in fear because they might be there, with you.
Here are some of my real-life encounters that I want to share to the world. No matter how holy I was, there is no escape to my past. The same past that told me to never forget.

1. The Night with the Living Dummy
            When I was a kid, I've always loved collecting toys, I mean, who doesn't? And so I have this cute rugged doll I named after my second name, Bernice. She that type of pretty--braided blonde hair in pigtails, cute rosy cheeks, pink dress and pink beret, doey-eyed. That type of little innocent girl I'd always want to be friends with and such.
            My twin sister had a counterpart, Beatrice, named after her second name, too. My brother had been into robots, dinosaurs and Legos while my other sister had a barney truck that she loved so much. The battery-operated barney truck was composed of Barney, the purple dinosaur, driving his cool car truck. Behind him had shapes that you have to fill in such as a green triangle, a yellow star, a red circle, and a blue square. It sang nursery rhymes, can say hello and goodbye.

            All our toy collection was kept in a brown playhouse. We all loved to play with them all ay, but in night it's never the right time to stay (with them.) I hugged my pillows tight and never think of anything else but sleep.

            One time my brother was walking nearby the playhouse and heard noises in there. He just figured that they are huge rats or tiny cats. Until the noises get a little intimidating in the next few days that we switched our toy collection in the last room on our hallway. When my brother went there, he said that the Barney truck was staring at him and it "spoke" as he entered the room. "Press the red circle." My brother ignored and grabbed his dinosaur book and Triceratops figurine. He left the room but the barney truck left his spine lingering as it spoke, "goodbye," to my brother. He immediately left the room.
            A few months later, we travelled to Baguio, one of the scariest place in our country. We brought our toys with us, nonetheless, the Barney truck simply sang all-day. We got rid of the batteries because the driver cannot concentrate with its noises. A week later, after the Baguio trip, the Barney truck tried to sing again. Someone in my family member tried to remove the batteries but, when he opened, it wasn't there.
            We tried to tell my sister (the one born after my brother) that the truck was haunted, but we considered her condition, so we "ignored" our encounters.

            Until one night, when everything at home was so peaceful, we were eating dinner at home when we heard noises from the last room at the hallway. There were voices by "tiny people" that we couldn't ever imagine or tell if it exists. We got to the room and saw all the toys assembled in a great big circle. No one was there, at the room. We donated our toys afterward. I forgot the rest of the story, but it was definitely spooky because I never got to touch or buy another toy after that.

2. White Noise
            On my grand mother's house (father side), my girl first cousins decided to sleep over on the third floor, at my grand mother's room. My grand mother doesn't sleep there anymore, but it is still considered her room because all her beautiful vintage collection was there. Nobody sleeps at the third floor and it is rarely opened or touched.

            At that night, it was just the four of us--MG (the eldest one at 13), me and my twin (Joan at 11), then Camille (the youngest at 10.) We assembled the king bed near the biggest window, and far from the door.
Here's the room plan, top view:
I'm sorry for my weak drawing
            During the night, I recall to be disturbed by the sounds over the window on my right and at the balcony. There were hands tapping at the window, but who would tap it if granny's room were a floor higher? You could hear them slowly, then all at one swiftly tapping and screaking on the glass window. There is also a sound, a knock under the bed. It was that kind of "drumming" that disturbs your heartbeat. It's that kind of messy when the beats influence how fast or how slow your heart rate should be. There was also sound of "under construction" but who would build a something in the middle of the night? There were sounds or tricycle driving through the street that gives me a sort of relief that evening. There was also the "air con" sounds when it beeps ever ten minutes. There is also another sound that I will never forget, the deafening silence on my left side.
            Sometimes, the sounds would glide in all together. Sometimes, they come one at the time. It was that kind of spooky, because, you know that humans don’t make these kind of sounds during the night. At first, I thought I was just imagining things but my twin sister held my right hand. That, I know, that something paranormal is happening at the room.
            I was disturbed by the noises, and I thought that looking at my left side (the total silence side) would relieve me; it didn't.
            I looked at the white flashy figure behind the electric fan. A figure of a woman, I said. It's a white lady. She's hovering. Her dress is white, but not the usual white, it's more on the white-gray-but-white white. She's translucent, somehow opaque but you can and cannot see what's behind her. And for all the ideas that could tap on my brain, I questioned myself how long her hair was. I guided my eyes as I looked down. Her hair was long, longer than anything I've ever seen. It get thicker and longer as I guided my eyes from her head to the floor tiles. She was hovering, as I can see the disappearance of gravity on her no-foot feet, and the space between the ends of her gown. But her hair, I cannot see where it's ending, but it overlaps and grows beyond the tiles of the floor. I blinked, once, a quick one. And she went a little nearer to me. I blinked again, for five seconds in disbelief, and observed that she is coming near me. I blinked again and again and realized that if I continued blinking, she'd definitely get me.

            I looked at my sister and shut my eyes, in disbelief of my "premonition of continuous blinking." My consciousness has been tapped once more as I can hear the noises again. The window, the drumming, the construction, the fear, ... It's non-coincidental. I shut my eyes as hard and tried to sleep.

            Later that night, I felt hairs crawling at me. There is something cold heavy above me. I figured, it was the white lady hovering between me and my sister. It's that kind of icy cold, her temperature was, but still not wet (BECAUSE when something is very cold, you could feel water in some ways.) And her hair was worse than creepy insects crawling at you. Her hair was like something she could control to grab you. She can move her strands in different direction; I also felt that she was staring at me the whole night, but I never got the urge to peek.
            I never left my sister's hand that night.
            I whispered to myself how much I loved God and how much my twin sister is special to me.

            I thought I survived the whole night, the next morning. We told our auntie and grand mother but they shook their heads in disappointment. They said that it was just our imagination. But they gave us a chance. They'll sleep with us for the night at the third floor, proving that our experience was correct.
            I asked my cousin, Camille, and she also agreed that there was something peculiar last night. She heard the noises, but never saw her. My sister and I, share the same horrifying experience. MG, I don't know, she was silent.
            So the night after that day, everybody "camped" in. There's the four of us, my Auntie Shiela, Soy, and Letty.
            Unfortunately, they all left something at the first floor and left the four of us again in granny's room. MG was in the bathroom, my twin and Camille are jumping at the bed and I was fixing the phone near the electric fan. As soon as the three (newbies) shut the door, the noises (the same as last night) rocked harder and faster and there were a black out at the room. I felt a cold presence behind me, the same kind of thing I felt last night. It was frightening as I felt her embrace at my waist. Her head was behind my neck, and her hair was touching my toes. My cousin and sister were terrified at the bed.
            I thought it was the end of me. I prayed that my agony will end, but not that way. Good thing the three opened the doors again and the lights started to bright up again. MG said there was also a black out at the bathroom. The newbies commented that we looked like scared pussies.

            I'm just grateful that they came to rescueus in a way that they cannot believe. We just let the television play itself for the whole night. I am left to stare at the presence behind the electric fan.

3. 3-sentence Horror
            A while ago, I was waling into the guest room at my house when I saw someone at the corner of the room. I said to myself, "Oh, it's just my reflection." Then I realized that there's no mirror at the corner of the room.

No matter how peculiar life is, the best weapon is always faith. I have more stories to share, but I don't want to flood part one just yet. Notify me if you want more.
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  1. oh no D: i feel bad for you, mustve been a scary experience talaga.

    but its well written and the formatting of the text just need to be fixed kasi OC ako that way :L - you know trypical architect/ design student XD

    but heres my story

    when i was roughly 12 years old, i would have my mom always tuck me into bed and lie down with me till i would fall asleep. and in this one cold summer night i slept in the spare room, the one which we hardly use - i dont know why.
    so like any other night i fell sound asleep and mom left to sleep in their room. In the middle of the night i felt this hand hover over my left foot, over the sheets and which it slowly caressed my foot. my sleepy and gloomy mind thought its was morning and immediately reacted telling me to sit up and look at the culprit, whom which i thought was my dad - as he like to pull pranks in the morning to wake me up.
    but to my surprise no one was there.


    and it was night. not morning.

    the temperature suddenly dropped, below the normal cold, that i was used to.

    still taking in my shock. i quickly withdrew and hid under my sheets, shaking and hoping for the morning to come. i didnt peek out of my sheets at all last night, but i knew there was a looming presence outside my safety. - i pray the lords prayer hoping everything would be fine.

    Morning came around and i told my parents my experience. they were surprised as they told me that it was my Lolo's birthday on my dad's side, who had died when i was 1-2? (i dont remember), and that he always used to caress and touch my left foot.

    so it turned out that my Lolo was just paying me a visit on his birthday with is nice but it took me a while to sleep in my own room again.


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