The Dark Horse

            Slowly, I breathe. Smiling in front of a crowd, waiting for my turn to be dismissed. I'm not used to being recognized. Yet, now that I am standing here proves that nothing can provoke a genuine talent from any kind of craft. The long wait for the appetency has finally came. I have defeated my demons and have exceeded the boundaries. I am a champion! I must stand here with confidence and bravery for the things I have contributed, for the person I was before, and the persons that were before.

            People find it hard to believe that someone like me could "win" in life. They have tattooed on their minds that I'm just an average person, struggling to "fit in."  But you know what really hits the struggle? It is the daily conflict I have with myself, whether I am one of them or whether I am one with me. The valiance to commence myself with the goal I have in mind is rather difficult than it was simple to pop out of the open.
            "I can finish this!"
            "No, I can't."
            "Yes, I can."
            My demons try to rule over me. Is it that because the society has their own demons and has let their demons take part of their lives and has influenced every lifestyle to surrender to their defeat? I guess, but I am hoping not. I am letting someone's hand lead me to my victory. Which one? The hand of the unpredicted, for I know for myself that I am not capable of the things I know yet... Yet.

            The pressure is countless. To all that I battle with, to the ones I am "against" with, to the ones I am with, and to myself. The choice is to win or lose, but either way I tried my best and only my best. No questions asked. And in every competition, sometimes I get chosen. Sometimes, I'm not chosen. Sometimes I am the one to choose. It's a plain sight to see people not choosing me. Is it because I am average, not good enough, unworthy, hopeless, undesired, maltreated? Or is it because you are. All the questions rising aren't meant for me to pursue, but for me to reverse. I have to change the unchanged.

            After every battle I have fought, people wonder. Why I lose? Why I won? Why I tried? I lose I know I am not the best. I lose because there are standards that I could never reach; irrelevant expectations are not met. I lose because I lose. I win because I win; And there is the constant doubt and shock that people give me when I do. When I claim my prize, "why her? Really?" Everybody expects their champ to win, but how can I ever overtake that title? It's like, I never had to win, or didn't deserve to. Now that I won, not that I care, I proved. I changed the unchanged. I have showed you what I am capable of. Everybody witnessed the unforeseen. It's how I break-even.

            I tried... Not because I want to brag, not because I want them to lose, not because I choose to. It is because I am willing to. I am certain that my life will not be the same as I was before. Today marks a day that not everyone who is lowered by the highest form cannot be doomed by failure; Unless they allow themselves to be manipulated constantly, then my victory is useless. For my fellow breed, "dark horses", obtain triumph by humility, break the line of limitations and renounce a "better" us.
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