Life in the Wall, the Power of Acrylic

Art forms the senses
It opens the eyes
Beyond its nakedness
It voices out
What tongues cannot speak
It hears the vibration
That ears cannot detect
Touches the heart
Beneath the powers of the skin.

It becomes the masterpiece
Of Light
Even in Darkness
Art becomes
Sensual to The Soul

Art is Art. 
No matter what.

It's nice to refresh people through art and new photos. Enjoy my "modeling" 
Join me and my experience as I submerged myself in the living walls of Miracle Art in Pampangga. Finally, I have another WALL-friend besides The Facebook Wall. 

Monster trucks ehh

Ten feet tall

Marvel: Movies beyond the screen

Buzz Light Weight and Fe Man

The Ring.

Hide and Seek; The Sweetest Escape

I'm the cherry to your dessert

Reading The Fault In Our Stars.


From the outskirts of Town. Hey aca-NERDS

Intelligence is damn sexy
Santa's workshop?

Best Gift Ever!

Wasn't sure what I was doing. 

The Voice of Hunger

Painting water the way we NEED it


Majoring in Dentistry.

Flappy Birds

BUBBLY Afternoon

Free bathe and fish

Doing some SERIOUS OM's

The Great 69 in space ft. Turbulence and Whirlpool

We can work this out

BOYFRIEND GONE MAD. I ain't cheating you.

Oh Right!

My Inner Naomi Watts and King Kong Spirit

Tarzan and the Gang

The stare-case you won't wanna go "down"

"Is your hair part of your magic tricks?" 

The Tsunami Run

ARE YOU GONNA BULLY ME? You have to face my lawyers!

Fairy God Mother and Pussy without the Bootsy

When it's falling apart, make your perfect disguise by your statuesque formation

I definitely enjoyed the gallery with my family. My experience harnessed my "modeling and photography" skills. They also made me unleash different characters to become flexible at any wall. 

Who would you want to bring at any art gallery? Anything you want to share regarding your major love for art? Don't fret. Comment below and be heard.
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  1. LOCATION: Marquee Mall at Pampanga. Another branch is at Cubao Expo


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