Half-Year (YA Books 2014)

By Michelle Tan

         No doubt, any book can bring any reader to places he has never been before; to a world where reality and fantasy meets but never collides. Every book is special, every character of each book is remarkable, every setting is carefully planed and every plot has its twists.

            I've never been fond of reading books until I went to college. College required me to read more from the syllabus. College enhanced me to train myself to relate with the topics in and out of the course matters. However, my time is scheduled, I intended to squeeze my leisure in it, and it is through reading novels. Until finally, I've spent half a year of the blessed 2014 in reading more than I have expected. Here are all* the books** that were able to capture my time and attention. It may include a little dose of spoiler. *eBooks not included,**Printed books
            Presenting, your ultimate guide to your next book report. Just kidding, but I hope you'll have an idea on what to read and what "not to" read based from my recommendations.

Some of the books I've read are not in the photo

WARNING: SPOILER ALERT...But only to a minimum amount of revelations. 

1. Carrie by Stephen King
What: Although there has been two movie versions of this book, the book was able to reveal more secrets than what the movie has ever told. This would make any reader's heart beat faster not because of romance but because of the thrill.
Think: Superhuman, telekinesis, bullying (victim's point of view), vengeance
Feel: Pity, annoyed
RATING: 5 stars. Stephen King is one of the best horror-story writers in history of the Earth.

2. Hamlet by William Shakespeare (No Fear Shakespeare version)
What: The famous line "To Be or Not to Be" was able to influence the world on the consequences of taking advices from sources whether you trust them or not. Thank Sparknotes, the book has been "accurately" translated by Shakespearean scholars from the original text to the modern (21st Century) language, the classic screenplay enabled readers to grasp and decode the text much easier.
Embark with the story of how the Prince of Denmark discovers the "true" cause of his father's death. 
Think: A major throwback to the 18th Century, ball gowns, friendship, betrayal
Feel: Total Dependence, crazy (talking to a skull), wary of the true enemy (Claudius)
RATING: 3 stars. Thank No Fear Shakespeare; the modern version helped me "survive" the book.

3. Point of Retreat by Colleen Hoover
What: The second book from The Slammed series was able to mesmerize the audience with the battle of true love as the couples fight for the kind of love they deserve. "The hardships and heartache that brought them together, now tears them apart."
Think: reciprocated but forbidden love.
Feel: Inspired, captivated, strengthened, forbidden, restricted.
RATING: 5 stars. Better than book one (Slammed) It will leave you wanting to read between the lines.

4. Hopeless by Colleen Hoover
What: A heart-racing story of an adopted eighteen year old, Sky, revisits the past through the help of "fabulously dangerous" pretty boy, Dean Holder.
Think: Memory loss, Blue eyes, Perfect couple, Dream boyfriend, unveiling truth, first love, revisited nightmares
Feel: First love, despair, stubbornness, perfect kissing, annoyed by Sky's constant "begging"
RATING: 5 stars. Carefully plotted and with a twisted ending.

5. An Abundance of Katherines by John Green
What: Dumped by the 19th Katherine in Colin Singleton's life, he seeks for the pattern on when he'll
Think: Mathematics, intelligent, Boy's point of view, eureka!
Feel: Hopeless, rejected, constantly heartbroken
RATING: 5 stars. John Green = Genius!

6. The Selection Stories by Kiera Cass
What: Bonus features of The Selection Trilogy gives you a spin in knowing more on what lurks in Prince Maxon's and Aspen Leger's male minds as they tell their own stories of how they fell for the stars in America's eyes. Discover more about the clan of the main characters, plus a playlist for the Series.
Think: Guy's point of view, prince, knight in shining armor
Feel: Giddy, romantic, "whipped"
RATING: 4 stars. It made me understand what's running in my dream man's mind.

7. The Selection by Kiera Cass
What: The first book of the series brings forth a breath-taking path in quest for the annual selection for eligible women to compete for the prince's "love". Only one wins and marries him and becomes the queen of the kingdom.
Think: Dystopian, Caste system, Cinderella, Rebels
Feel: Insecure, Free-spirited, no-brain-to-mouth-filter
RATING: 4 stars. This is just a warm-up.

8. The Elite by Kiera Cass
What: The competition has just begun and it's getting tougher as America Singer discovers all that she's not the only girl that has taken a piece from Prince Maxon's heart, and he's not the only one at hers. What happens when America's ex-boyfriend, Aspen leger, becomes her personal guard? She has to choose, but it's not her choice that matters, but Maxon's.
Think: Dystopian, Caste system, Cinderella, humility
Feel: Pressured, confused, impatient, competitive
RATING: 5 stars. And a two thumbs up, one for each boy that loved America!

9. Attachments by Rainbow Rowell
What:  Internet-security officer, Lincoln, finds it entertaining to be reading Beth's and Jennifer's hilarious emails with each other about their personal life instead of building firewalls and crashing hackers. Beth and Jennifer are both features editor and reporter on a company. He, later finds himself recalling his last love with Sam. Somehow, having signed up with his highly paid job, he discovers himself falling in love with beth.

Think: funny, stalking, the 80's/70's conversation
Feel: free to put down the book if you're feeling bored and can no longer relate with Beth and Jennifer's conversations.
RATING: 3 stars.

10. Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell
What: The most "imperfect" couple, the combination would turn out to have the perfect chemistry with each other. With an unraveling past, each
Think: Red head, green eyes, cheekbones; perfectly imperfect
Feel: "Bullied", a victim, threatened by the past, loved by the present, praying for the future.
RATING: 4 stars.

11. Fan Girl by Rainbow Rowell
What: Y.A. novel about Cath being a fan of Simon Snow. Her twin sister, Wren would want to change that by making her "move on."
Think: that you have to impress your crush, let go of your "virtual"/one-sided relationship with your idol, reality versus plans in life.
Feel: Like every fan girl, Fan girling is the life
RATING: 4 stars. Very real.

12. Why We Broke Up by Daniel Hardler & Maira Kalman
What: Ex-couples, Min and Ed, broke up. Min writes a letter to Ed about the whole story of why they broke up and puts it in a box, including all the memories and "stuffs" she had with him.
Think: In demand for love again; outside the box
Feel: Despair, uninspired, pain of being "rejected"
RATING: 4, the illustrations would make a plus one, so 5!

13. How We Met and Other Stories by David Levithan
What: Different stories about love and how different couples first met each other. 
Think: Love in different scenarios
Feel: Fall in love all over again
RATING: 5 stars. Levithan makes an effort in shifting different perspectives and in different writing styles.

14. The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight by Jennifer Smith
What: Two people mesmerized by each other by their first eye contact. The problem is, they're catching on their next flight totally opposite on each other's destinations and there is absolutely no chance for them to meet again, yet.
Think: Travelling, catching the next flight,
Feel: basically hopeful even though it is the time to be hopeless
RATING: 3 stars

            An avid fan of literature, novels are different from my usual reading material in the aspect of literature and journalism. It was able to form myself to become more open and understanding with the characters, and observable when it comes to grammar and punctuation.

            I'd like to include also the eBooks that I've read during half of my year

1. The One by Kiera Cass
What: The finale!
Think: Dystopian, Caste system, Cinderella
Feel: Hopeful, Forgiveness, Battle
RATING: 4 stars. Sometimes it's predictable, sometimes it's not.

2. Losing Hope by Colleen Hoover
What: The second book of Hopeless comes a different perspective but with the same story as the first one. Learn how Dean Holder accepts and seeks truth behind his twin sister's death and the loss of Hope.
Think: Dean Holder's (a "bad boy's") point of view, despair, lost
Feel: In love, reminiscing, regretful
RATING: 4 Stars.

3. To All The Boys I've loved by Jenny Han
What: Praise the success of N.Y.T. Bestselling author of The Summer I Turned Pretty comes another (not related) novel regarding the scenario of mistakenly sending them your "love" letters. One returns to the call of Lara Jean.
Think: Boys, Silly, competitive
Feel: Jealous, Bitter, Constantly daydreaming about the boy next door,
RATING: 1 star. There's no ending. But one star for the concept.

4. Why Men Love Bitches
What: 100 Attraction Rules that will want every Nice Girl to play the BITCH (Babe In Total Control of Herself) This book will definitely make you get and attract the man you deserve!
Think: Bitchier
Feel: Dignified
RATING: 5. I don't have to explain myself to any guy.

     I am looking forward to more of my reading time. I know it would bring me to another world of Discovery. 
           This is definitely a well-spent summer for me. <3 data-blogger-escaped-comment-3--="" data-blogger-escaped-nbsp="">

Send me your feedback about what you felt about reading my first fierce book review by commenting below. 

Thank you for my fellow "goodreaders" for helping me collect my thoughts in making a three-sentenced review.
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