Confessions of a Commuter 2

2. The Bridge
            Sometimes, it's better to let go.
            On my way home from school, I walked all my way to an overpass only to see some informal settlers begging for my stash. Of course, my allowance is budgeted, so I declined. I saw how I influenced the sadness of the children's faces and realized how many rejections they've had received that afternoon, the past days, their entire life.
            Then, I come up to a plan. Each time I get to eat somewhere and school and come up that I can't finish my meal, I divide my some of it for takeout and give it to them.
            My first time was life-changing. I gave them half a cup of rice, and they were happy. They said, "yay breakfast." but it was almost five pm that day. I couldn't imagine how many days they haven't eaten or how much money they've sacrificed in order to live. They've sacrificed their time in order to get as much food they could divide to their family. As much as they want to go to school, they can't. I felt sorry for them, and lucky that I am well educated by the people I love onto how much important it is to go to school.
            The next few days weren't so nice. The kids ran onto me and almost hugged me to the beats of their desire. I don't know if they are still begging, but I just said no as much as I can. I didn't always give away anything, but I gave what I could.
            The last time I remember I gave as much is when I saw one naked girl strutting at the overpass. Everyone had their eyes open for more of what she can offer. I think she was around 5 years old. I can't believe how much people could rub off her innocence like that. A lady gave her a handkerchief, but she just covered her hair and made a bandana out of it.
            That night, I found myself searching my closet for appropriate clothes for the child. I spot only a few. What matters is that she can get as much protection as her parents could not provide. Sorry.
            The next afternoon after class, I'm glad I spotted her. I walked slowly and patiently until we met halfway. I gave her the plastic bag with all the clothes. I dressed her but at the same time guarding my backpack in case of you know what. And she just looked and smiled at me. She said "I sold my clothes so that my little brother could buy medicine. He was incredibly sick." And she ran away.

            Still, I thought that what I did was small. I loved my baby clothes (even if I was supposed to give them to my children,) I know that she'll value it more than I ever did as a child.
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  1. Thank you Miss Nicole for the invitation. I'm glad to hear that from you; I was thinking otherwise about my decisions in life. But in this one, I was glad I did it. :D

    it's heartwarming to hear such nice feedbacks about your blog too. :D I'm super happy about your success! You're always my inspiration.



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