Confessions of a Commuter 1

1. Escalator Girl

            Basically, I'm not always nice.

            One time, I took the train on my way home after school and there's a lady who pushed me at the door that I was nearly sliced into two. She was pushing me so that I'll trip and get out from the train. While we both paid for our fare, clearly what she did wasn't that nice. She was basically selfish and wanted more space for herself even if it was clear that we have more than we needed.

            Good thing I grabbed the steel, disabling me to fall out of the train. Surely, if something wrong happened to me, she'd deny her deed.
            The door nearly closed and I took my breaths of relief when I get to have a space on the train, and have had proper balance.

            I thought my experience with the woman was over. As soon as it was time for me to finally take a seat, she quickly sat on the chair that another woman gave me. She was obviously getting on my nerve, but I'd rather want to be the last one laughing. Not only that my bag was getting heavier and my bones are getting weaker, all tired from school. She's dragging the negative vibe. Plus she had the look on her face as if nothing is happening.

            Apparently, we have the same station, and I was ahead of her. I never got a chance to sit, but I had a plotted a tiny revenge on her.  On our way to the escalator, I served myself as a barrier so that she couldn't pass before me. Of course, I passed other people who said excuse me. Her pride took in, she never said excuse me to me. In return, I never let her pass.

            She looked frustrated, and I gave in, let my hand cross in my arm for her to pass. Sometimes, in life, it's better not to stoop down to their level. I hoped that time that she learned her lesson. I wasn't okay that day, thanks to her. But I became okay, thanks to the light I have seen from that little word called forgiveness and humility.
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