10 Reasons Why Love Electronic Dance Music

            There's no point of denying the rise of Electronic-Dance Music to pop culture as it tops almost every hit in billboards and as it creates names to the hall of fame. From local parties to international events, people have been stashing their money in order to see the DJ's perform music that lasts long. Its music created a growing mob of mutant engaged with music that kept their ears ringing like an overdosed drug addiction. Here are 10 reasons why (you must) love EDM.

1. (It) Keeps You "Alive"
         -Think: Percussion, wild guitar chords, hypnotic piano keys, and addicting mixes. I won't mock Classical Music, but this one has everything (like it). Pure music, no or less lyrics; Gone are the days that the lyrics made senses to the heart of music. This is the rise of the days in which everything becomes purely instrumental. Although, some people dislike the fact that Electronic Dance Music does not have lyrics, but hey, sometimes none sense makes better senses. Stop over thinking and spin around with the tracks of Martin Garrix and Disclosure. Go ahead; unleash your inner "wildness."

2. Improves (and Enhances) Your Memory
         - Psychologists say that listening to music enhances memory, improves attention span, and promotes good vibes. Its vibration will force you to collect a different kind of energy to make better performances: it will help you become more focused and alert with your workmanship. I used to listen to classical music while I study, but somehow I tend to be sleepy before I reach Chapter Four for my Philosophy Course, so I switched to Pop music but then I get distracted by its lyrics and disabled me to focus on the difficult terms on my book. Electronic Dance made kept me in stable pace in my work place as it maneuvers me to focus on my work but at the same time have fun.

3. People Flock at You
         - When your people know that you have a distinct affection for EDM, they'll ask for your "wise advise" on which one fits their 8tracks playlist, or which one fits their Flipagram presentation (See number 8) While 99.5 Play FM has been newly introduced to the media, listeners have switched their cable FM to it for its popular program, Club Play Music, every Friday at 8pm-10pm with repeats on Saturdays at 10pm-12 pm, the rise of this radio station have won the hearts (and souls) of the ones active and seemingly active.

4. Keeps Viewers Active
         - Listening to EDM would keep you into a good mood without even attending to the "best" club in town. On one scenario, I attended one party and the DJ (sucks) combined songs with "bad" fumes when played together. There's no chemistry. And so, I suggested him to play some Calvin Harris and Cash Cash tracks. He said he had none. I asked if I could plug my iPad and play the tracks I want, and he agreed. Surprisingly, the audience arises like the crazy.

5. The Growing, or should I say, Growling Audience
         - Several months ago, people have gone crazy as much as Mad Hatter when Closeup Forever Summer is hitting Alesso, with its "freshest beach party in the city" themed event. Although the audience felt bummed that Rebecca and Fiona & Foxes didn't make it to the 9th of November (Yolanda, why?), people moved on to what's in store for them to CFS's continuation. The ticket counter had a long line of waiting audience, twitter feeds have been bombarded with "desperate" people wanting to win tickets, and a crowd of party goers wanting to feed music in their ears. The audience claimed that it was one of the best summer parties, yet, claiming that there was a "human-made" earthquake due to the WILD CROWD. With months of being a daily trend on twitter (and even it has been two months ago, still popular today) the audience loved the music as much as vibration loved oscillating in everyone's ears. (Head banging, hands waving, feet stomping, and lungs screaming included)

6. Music Festivals
         - Celebrities, booths, parties, and the Hottest DJ's with new hits? What could be better than your live iPod? Music Festivals have booked dates in the year's calendar and just like their music, your head spins in confusion in which one you must attend. I tell you, everything would be fun, but choose wisely. Which one fits your budget, your schedule, your friends' schedules, and your crush would attend to. Check everything and get ready to get wild. Steve Aoki is an exception to your checklist. Call your local ticket hotline if he'd be hosting one night at one party, or the other way around.

7. "Better" Taste for Music
         -Most of the local celebrities dig for fans that know Electronic-Dance Music. It's popular, most-talked about topic will make you and your "soon-to-be-celebrity-boy/girlfriend" will have loads of topics to share. I'm not saying this is true for all, but I'm suggesting that having an idea is most-likely beneficial. So get started in finding the right-kind of EDM for you, and make your friends, parents, boss, or whoever a playlist. Let your inner craft as a DJ leave every one giving two thumbs up for you.

8. Productive Presentations
         -If it's for the benefit of catching attention, then go ahead and drag your favorite EDM track to your school or work presentation. Just make sure that it will not leave the impression to your professor or boss that you "party" regularly. Make it clean and casual. Follow the rule book.

9. Hard to Find
         -Yes, with their "no-word" music, it's hard to Google them just because you cannot type riwriwriw, Gew gow goo or stoo stoo stoo on Google and find the Song Syndrome you have had, on your finger tips A.S.A.P. Unless you're looking for the words "Sorry, we couldn't find that word" or "See Arf arf arf" instead of it, then it's an exhaustion and a disappointment to most EDM-fans. Lucky, we have a very kind website to help us answer what we're wishing for. No, it's not Yoda. Well, ask your figurine and be shocked when it answered back. Anyway, I was referring to That's something to brag your friends and tell them that you've been updated. (Thank me later) But if you're friends with local DJ's such as Mars Miranda, Ace Ramos, Marc Naval and other rising DJ's, then I don't see any problem.

10. Hard to Replicate
         -It's undeniable that DJ-ing is hard, and looking for the right mixes requires perseverance, good research and a good taste in music. Sometimes, you find it hard to produce your own "banging" sounds via (your app) DJ 2.0. Yes, you find Becca (in Pitch Perfect) hot, and you want to unleash your inner DJ. Well, you can first try to create your own playlist (and stick permanently into it) and eventually, the stage of being a DJ up close and personal is finally yours.

         Play according to each number, in order or in shuffle. Share with your friends and make your own playlist, too. I hope you'll love mine, anyway. Enjoy!

            1. Road-trip Playlist
·      Ten-Feet Tall - Afrojack ft. Wrabel
·      Take Me Home - Cash Cash ft. Bebe Rexha
·      Summer - Calvin Harris
·      Live for The Night - Krewella
·      Rather Be - Clean Bandit ft. Jess Glynne
·      Bad - David Guetta, Showtek ft. Vassy
·      Bring You To Life - Steve Aoki & Rune RK ft. Ras
·      You & Me - Disclosure ft. Eliza Doolittle
·      Red Lights - Tiesto
·      Above & Beyond - Mariana Trench
·      Spectrum -Zedd ft. Matthew Koma
·      Youth - Foxes
·      Lights - Steve Angello & Third Party
            2. Studying/Leisure Playlist
·      Animals - Martin Garrix
·      Stampede - Dimitri Vegas; Like Mike vs Borgeous
·      Technicolor - Madeon
·      Wizard - Martin Garrix & Jay Hardway
·      Pump - Swanky Tunes
·      We Like to Party - Showtek
·      Save The World (Knife Party Remix) - Swedish House Mafia
·      Wow! - R2sizzer
·      Flute - New World Sound & Thomas Newson (Danny Howard Remix)
·      Muja - Avicii
·      Reload - Sebastian Ingrosso & Tommy Trash
·      White Noise - Disclosure ft. AlunaGeorge

            3. Anything-Goes Playlist
·      Latch - Disclosure ft. Sam Smith
·      Tsunami - DVBBS & Borgeous
·      My Love - Route 94 ft Jess Glynne
·      One (Radio Edit) - Swedish House Mafia
·      Antidote - Swedish House Mafia & Knife Party
·      Play Hard - Ne-Yo & Akon, David Guetta
·      You Know You Like It - AlunaGeorge (DJ Snake Remix)
·      Avaritia - Deadmau5
·      BOM - Avicii
·      Find You - Zedd ft. Matther Koma, Miriam Bryant
·      Proxy - Martin Garrix
·      Center of The Universe - Axwell
·      Every Chance We Get We Run - David Guetta, Alesso ft. Tegan and Sara
·      Don't You Worry Child - Swedish House Mafia

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