Writer's Block!

                                            Writer's Block by Michelle Tan

There is no deadline exactly; though I devote my daily life to thinking and planning about my writing/s everyday, I wonder why I feel so woozy today. Nothing to think about, nothing to wonder about. I admit that I am such a sloth, but is there such thing as lazy of being lazy? If you think I am too hight, or should loose the dose, then welcome to my world now.

I am thinking about chocolate. Yes. Candies are pointless, and so is this page. Like a chocolate--sometimes it's sweet, sometimes it's bitter, this work is sometimes taken literally, sometimes figuratively. Forgive me, however, my ramblings are increasing this past days. Just like how chocolates influence my indulgence at the first bite! Delightful, unaware, and so impulsive. When I ran out of it, I feel that there's something missing about my life. 

Here I am, thinking about creating the world's greatest masterpiece of art, but where do I even start? How do I simply start? I kept processing too much information in my mind about what it's my next work is going to be, but there is nothing coming to me. My head is snuggled. Spinning around, confused. With the thought of putting all this words together and the hope of being something worth talking about or worth remembered is such a stress! I tried to giggle for my own good, perhaps to release some endorphins or perhaps to reduce my health risks, but it doesn't work when your mind doesn't coordinate.

My stomach is oscillating. Due to the continuous running and tapping my brain neurons do for me to gather my thoughts properly. I don't want to render with my psychological malfunctions; the ambience is tormenting. Hoping that I don't bask in the arms of mental block, I started to snooze up. 

Awakened by the bountiful chicken's cackle at my phone, I started to feel nuisance and wondered what it's like to be living in the 40's. Either I would have been shaking hands with Rita Hayworth, or buffing my man shoulders like Betty Grable, or singing with The Andrews Sisters, or probably dancing like Judy Garland, or being like one of the pin up girls during the Second World War. My mind is like world war without the bombs, deaths and gun powders. My world is non-existent, there's me and you and everybody. So perfect. I came to realize that the chicken is still crowing and gets louder. Hmmm, a piece of chicken breast makes me starve more. I feel a lot better than I did two hours ago. I guess sleeping is the best thing ever, yet so time-consuming. I fixed my tedious hair and noticed my pen and notebook untouched the way it was. The pages of the notebook are flipped so neatly, and it is marked by a right triangle on the top-most part of the sheet. 

Here goes my dilemma again. What should I write in it? What would fill these pages that will be worth remembered forever and stay with it until it deteriorates? Oh I see, it's my encounter! Nobody has ever written what it feels like to start writing and what writer's block feels like. It's a risk but it's worth the innovation. I am changing the world starting with one word at a time. To the world!

Author's note: A fictional but realistic story of how writer's block brings about a negative vibe and a huge mess on anyone's workplace. Indeed, I situated myself at the laziest but mostly "creative" point of my life. I put out a piece of story while having the biggest dilemma of people putting words in print pages. I hope you enjoy the work.

Writer's Block! Writer's Block! Reviewed by Michelle Tan on 1:12 AM Rating: 5

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  1. Composing Writer's Block is not an example of having writers block in you, but it is brilliantly written because of how you situated yourself with a "problematic" writer. No one has ever thought of that, and you're cool for breaking the rules of typical writing!!! (applause)


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