The Untold (What Beauty Pageants Are)

The Untold

"So, what is your edge in joining this competition?"

 When one of the panel judges asked me this question in one beauty pageant I've joined, my mind swiftly searched for the right words and great amount of details to speak about myself, the best details in store at the deepest part of my memory. I stopped, trying to capture the most invigorating but honest description about me. "Thank you for that wonderful question. This contest, I believe, calls out for the remarkable young men and women, who are not only of service inside the University, but throughout the community and country. I believe that I am fit to have the title of this year's pageant, not only that I have the brains for it, but I also have the heart for the selfless service. My curiosity and willingness to work hard is an advantage because it harnessed me from where I was before to where I am right now. I am dedicated to learn, am open to new things, and ought to adapt myself to change."

"You said you are fit for this contest. Yes, you might have passed the height standards of this competition, but look at you! You are not skinny enough. Loosen up and join our next year's contest, if you're ready, okay."

"And by body standards, you mean that I must starve myself in order to represent your title? I thought this contest was about personality, but now it makes sense. You lie to discriminate others. Don't worry, you won't see me next year because I am perfectly comfortable with my own body and won't change a bit from it just to win your title. Good day judges." I walked towards the exit, thinking about my dignity. Am I disqualified? I don't really care, pageants are stupid. Yet, I am still a contestant, so I must hold my grace and poise while gearing towards the door. I officially kicked myself out of this competition. Wow.

For years, I have been dreaming of joining this contest. Of course, I won't name it, but I will describe it. Back when I was fooled by the ads of the pageant calling for all boys and girls 17-23 years old, smart, tall, and flawless to join the annual contest. I took care of my skin, lotioned twice daily, I have had survived years of wearing the tight braces for my teeth, brushed my hair a hundred times a day to control the frizz, and most importantly walked my mom's killer seven-inched heels for more than a decade. Now that I am here, I lost it, and I don't even bother.

Here's what I've learned from my experience.

Beauty pageants are placeholders. They come and they go. They set unbelievably "idealistic" standards for both the body and capacities of their contestants in order to reach.  And contestants are constantly "changing" themselves to adapt to the high standard of the contests. Contestants undergo surgery and any painful body treatments to finally become suitable in joining and representing as a nominee in a contest.

When the contestants have had their new "self", they will even forget to remind themselves of what they used to be. They deny what they looked like and pretend everything is naturally given to them by the promise of Genetics. What is worse is that, the panelists and the audience are awed by how stunning the contestants look, walk, and talk about their advocacies. Truth is, beauty pageants is like Mathematics. Add and subtract (something from your body.) Yet, they just make it seem to appear realistic.

The thing with pagents is that, they deplete the true essence of natural beauty. Notice that most of the crowned candidates are mixed races. In this way, instead of getting the vote of the majority of the once included in a race, there is more power to their upperhand because another circle has been included. Another thing is, beauty pageants make "aspiring" people insecure about themselves. Nonetheless, when top beauty products book for the modeling of the crowned contestants, the market becomes "nuts" aboit grabbing as much bottles as they can to be like them. Crazy right? Of course there is nothing wrong with buying the products in the market, but too much is more dramatic, it does not have to go beyond hygiene to be beautiful and confident about oneself. But with these contests running around town, the cycle won't end. Our money, time, and self worth will also be wasted. 

Most of them are lies. All the cries, the talk, their faces, opinions, views. Lies. Is this the influence of media, pop (popular) culture, the society, the new technologies, the government, the sponsors, or the new generation? Nobody knows. I do not understand why pageants are continually running for generations and people are continually joining. The reasons of the majority are popularity, are the prizes, and other self interests. I believe it is not true when most of them say that the reason why they have come to join any contest is because they want to be an example to social/civil selfless service. They join, maybe, because they want their names to become known for generations as an example of "true" beauty. Kindness, compassion, generosity... Though, it might be true for some cases, some of them aren't applicable for all. Most of the unchosen contestants are true. I'm not saying this because I was unpicked, or to say that panelists are stupid, but come to think to it in a way that not all intentions are dirty. Some of the intentions are clean. But how can we tell? Well, let's just leave it to them in proving us whether they really deserve the rightful "judgement."

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