Specs of Felicity

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Photo by Jowelle Orozco. Winner of the Metrobank Choice Awards!

For MY friend Krissha Sualog, who never stopped dreaming and have had met her dream just last week. I hope you hold on to it. You're really nice, fun loving, and loyal

The key to happiness is found inside the core of desire, as Tatag Na Hinuhugot sa Loob, a painting of Christian Cedrick Dela Paz, proved. The portrait, is an entry to the University of Santo Tomas Art Contest, and speaks about two things: the reciprocity of beauty and flaws, and giving a direct message of hope to the audience. This is why it awakened me to step out of my comfort zone, in a sense that I have a responsibility on fulfilling my dreams to set an example to everyone; not just simply waiting for “that” moment to take place in my life. In the same manner everyone desires and yearns for their dreams to happen; the topic of the painting becomes centralized. It is challenging, asking the question to myself how do I even start reaching for them.

“In darkness, even it shines less brightly than usual, a dim of light can be visible.” This thought circulated through my mind as I observed the definite and chosen colors of the canvas. It is undeniable that one would look at the center of the portrait. Meaning, its center is the vital point or perspective of the painting, which the painter wanted to emphasize. A key hole with a little amount of specification on revealing the “ideal land” for the Filipinos; in its three-inch length, two-inch wide, irregularly but symmetrically shaped keyhole, takes the center (stage). Its golden contours are blending with each other, forming a smooth variety of summer hued “paradise”, a color usually chosen as a symbol of extreme happiness or felicity. Within the keyhole is a silhouette of tall buildings seemingly complementing the color of its bigger background, and a little amount in its frame, features a cool, ocean-blue sea, that contrasts the warmth of the summer hued picture. That will be your ideal picture if you are not locked in Dela Paz’s chosen perspective. All the beauty has ended when the frame was limited by its size; now, it has been invaded with flaws, darkness, and uncertainty.

The beautiful keyhole to the canvas’ whole only shared not a fraction or two, as the rest of it was covered with rough, khol (a shade of) black paint. Black represents the flaws, imperfection, chaos, and “danger” of reality, as I depicted from the painting. The painting speaks on behalf of a person dreaming, there is a clear vision but invaded by too much preoccupations, procrastinations, doubts, and lack of support. All negativity was weighed by the too much darkness, which might be confusion whether it is the subject of the painting or not. In line with life, when a person cannot distinguish in which to concentrate—self or others. Yet the kholness does not end up being negative most of the time. A fact, there is, that when it is lit up by a special UV light bulb, frantic forms of art suddenly appears. Together, the painting achieves emphasis, variety (darkness and light), and contrast (a balance of everything). I like the way the keyhole is stroked smoothly, symmetrically, and perfectly, leaving nothing but an ideal-looking picture in a magnified piece; whereas the background is painted with one, rough and chaotic black, as if it was drastically needed to be finished in such time. Of course there are one of many paintings similar with Dela Paz’s, yet this one is remarkable for it brings hope.

In my opinion, the message of the overall contest is to implement a painting regarding bringing hope to the Filipinos, in which the youth is its target audience, as Jose Rizal said,  “The youth is the hope of the country.” As for Dela Paz’s, my chosen painting in all six entries, I thought that its literal meaning is any person’s point-of-view who is “trapped” in darkness, wanting to unlock something (a door) when that person saw the dim of light, the specs of felicity in a place where that person wanted to call home. For me, the figurative meaning begins when the message taps the audience, “You have to look for the key to felicity; Hint: it is in the core of your heart, the core of desire. Begin your mission by being the light to the world. Unlock the door of paradise as soon as you helped others find their respective keys. There is home. Be open to it.” To find that key, you need to find strength because it is the partner of hope; you also have to know that its core has another name called unity; Strength and hope are two essential things that you need to have if you are determined in achieving your goals and in fulfilling your dreams. One thing is for sure, drive starts within you, and that is the handle of the key of felicity. The image had a purpose on my figurative meaning as it imposes the good of spreading hope amidst frustration and chaos.

I would not change anything about the painting because it is perfect by being “flawed.” Imperfect in a sense that it happens in reality, and reality reflects to the balance of positivity, negativity and the war between them. Perfect, in one sense that people embrace imperfection not completely but in a way that there is acceptance. All the agreements lead to unity; just like how Dela Paz’s purpose explains to us and just like its impact on us about its mere representation of our daily lives, especially as freshman college students. If I were to change one thing, probably it would be that I should have painted this one, if given the gift, but I was not. So, I suppose that I should stick to writing, instead, as it could be the only thing I could show “light in darkness” on my expense. Every painter, I guess, wished that they had painted this because the concept is brilliant. Especially the fact that when UV violet light is flashed onto the painting some “relative illustrations” appear to clarify more about the painter’s purpose; It s an exquisite thought, a glow on its part that conveys another story. Yet, this one, is our story of making it happen.


I dedicate this blog post for all of the people out there who are captives of their own comfort zones. I guess all I can say is don't be afraid to reach your dreams, and pray hard to get them. If you don't get them, then have another dream more achievable. It's the little steps that count. So go and find the key to happiness.

I allowed my College professor, Kristina Dichoso, to publish this on her thesis paper as I signed a consent form given to me. 

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