Free Spirited

A cloudy day paired with an awesome string of outfits boosts confidence and vitality.

Skater skirts + crop sleeves + high cut chucks = one chic in the high street

This outfit is very flexible when it comes to shopping, swimming, walking at the park, and "hanging out" with friends. I love this mix because it made my first leap on showing a contemporary girlish style in the city. Of course, I still wanted to look simple, so I picked a not-so-flashy hues from my outfit. Sweaters are perfect if they are cropped, so that you will feel windy and at the same time protect your skin from the sun if you forgot to moisturize. It also looks great because It makes you look slimmer and it would conceal unwanted attention of uneven skin tone and skin problems. 
My legs are show-stoppers, I'd like to flaunt them as much as possible. Skater skirts are best if you wanted to emphasize your great length and smooth skin. It also conceals thigh fats so you don't have to worry on looking wide. It extends a curve which makes you look fertile in a way that it boosts your hips, in a good way. 

This outfit makes you look like you have an hourglass type of body; balanced shoulders and hips.

Everybody knew my CFS story. It was fun to create my first OOTD (Outfit of the Day) by showcasing a breezy but versatile vest that could protect me from day to night, a scarf that could hold on to my hair, a comfy pair of boots to increase height but at the same time relaxes me from the worry that it might get stepped on, a skirt looking shorts that would enable me to jump to the highest slide, climb through the mountains, fish out a dance moves but would create a feminine side of me.  

This outfit emphasizes the smooth skin from your shoulders to hands and legs to ankles. Light blue whitens up the skin while dark blue slims it. 

 Comic inspired backpack + Cartoon beret + rocker tee + colored pants + keds shoes = Adventure junkie hottie 

 When I travelled to Bangkok, Thailand I was looking forward to go their temples, ride the elephants, and ride boats to the floating market. It's great that I have to wear simple but light clothes so that I wouldn't feel much of the heat. I chose the comic-inspired character to portray an undefeated battle of fun to the next level.

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  1. Very talented and wisely picked! If ever you become a model, I hope you remain humble, sweet, and active here.

    1. Thank you so much. I like to choose what I wear because it is somehow a representation of myself with others. Impressions last, and I'd like to be remembered as someone approachable. Modeling has been my top dreams, but sadly, my height did not meet the standards of a runway model, (5'7"). I just turned 5'5 recently.

  2. Cool! What if I want to look taller?

  3. This is a collection of my favorite casual clothes


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