CloseUp Forever Summer Experience

Theme: The Freshest Beach Party in the City
Where: Globe Circuit Events Ground
When: April 5, 2014, 2pm-4am
"Til they take us closer!"

 CloseUp Forever Summer One week tribute to the best party ever!

So how exactly does a toothpaste hold a party to remember?

Simple. Sponsors. Okay, I really don't know but guess what I'll tell you, CloseUp Forever Summer (CFS) was a blast!

Closeup is actually a toothpaste brand in the Philippines (in which I trust more that the leading brand because it doesn't have fluoride.) Sponsored by Greenwich, Havaianas, Republiq, Folded and Hung, yellow Brick Manila and more. Okay, so much information there, Michelle. Let's go ahead with the preach.

On October 2013, I bought Gold tickets for this thing. Why? Enrique Gil is gonna be there. Other celebrities, will go there too. Local and international DJ's will rule the place, magazines will book pictorials and headlines for this thing, and everyone's talking about it. Thus, it was a buy one take one basis, so double smiles for me. As it was my turn in the counter, "Close Up Forever Summer" I told to the counter girl in front of me. My eyes dilated as I saw the word almost sold out from the screen. Luck's at my side, I guess. When the tickets are at my hands, I promised to take good care of it.

How the heck did a person like me became so interested with these things, when I never even had my first sip of champagne ever, now I am ranting people to "party" with me? I just want to have a glimpse of the real fun. I'll be eighteen soon, from that month, and yes, I've always wanted to see what it's like to be independent.

Originally, CFS was supposed to be held on November 9, 2013 but because of the devastating visit of typhoon Yolanda days before, the event pushed through. I really wanted to see Foxes, Rebecca & Fiona, aka The International Awesome DJs that make the ground wild. Well, it didn't happen.
Two reasons to celebrate why it didn't happen:
1. Taught people how to be sensitive to the needs of others amidst the increasing fame of selfie wars.
2. I lost my two tickets prior to the event. So, hah! I'm happy.

I felt sad, on one hand, because I lost my tix. I cannot hold on to my promises at seventeen. Wow. Also, I have to say, I have to pack and repack things to donate for the typhoon victims. I said goodbye to my old clothes, toys, shoes, and books. I bid farewell to coming to this event called CFS because, well, I lost my tickets.

Few weeks after, it was already December, and by that time I was thinking that if Yola didn't hitched the country, people may have partied "super hard" that I felt boo hoo at home, I found my gold tickets. It wasn't the extraordinaire thing like Eureka for Archimedes nor when Charlie found the last piece of Golden Ticket. I felt happy, but not very much. I was thinking about what happened to CFS that we haven't heard any news from it, or where did the proceeds go from the funds they've raised for it. As I reflected well, I placed the tickets on a safe glass where no one could touch it, but at the same time would remind me that it's there. I call it picture frame. I placed it next to my high school graduation photo, not only that it is memorable but also to remind myself of what I am capable of.

After the sweet discovery, the nights became sweeter, but tougher. I focused on my academics and social-less lifestyle called home and school.

Until: @closeupph Get ready to party with Alesso on April 5, 2014, #closeupforeversummer Save the Date!

I vowed to trade my tickets to a new one, so it would be valid. I saved enough cash because I am aiming for the VIP tickets. Unfortunately the SVIP's are by invites only. :(
How would I ever enjoy it more? Well, at least there is hope that I am coming. They kept the local DJ's Ace Ramos Vs Mars Miranda, Martin Pulgar, Marc Naval, but changed the international DJ's to Helena, Deniz Koyu, and Alesso. Honestly, I will just know this people and their music as soon as the day happens, but for now they are just names mentioned in social media.

I dedicated my studies to a summer class-free season and for CFS, so I strived for the latter, vowing that if I indeed get to attend this memorable event, I'd never forget it. I have a better inspiration to stay focused in my studies. Not that only that people don't believe that I am fit for my degree program, moreover, it's to convince myself that I can achieve anything I can.

By February 2014, before attending my afternoon classes, I ran from the nearest SM Tickets Store to trade my old tickets and upgrade them to VIPs. Well, I succeeded! I have my tickets now! My hands are oscillating, my lips are wide opened and my eyes not flashing in the thought of disbelief that this is going to happen. I never felt so important with these VIP babies.

Enrique, here I come! Tee hee. CFS, get ready to stomp the beat the heat out of summer!

Well, all I have to do that time was wait and pray that CFS would be better than my imagination. And it was!

April 5, 2014. The day I call "First Birthday for my Status of Independence." I declared that day as my third birthday. First is my biological birthday on May 9. Second was my Catholic Birthday on August 26. Third is this, independence day to me. Hoorah! I call it the day I won't say No! I call it stepping out of my comfort zone! It's my day. :)

By twelve noon that day, my ootd was ready: Denim vest, white fitted tank, violet skater shorts(which looked like skirt), boots, (necklace/bangle-less look), black purse, and DIY hairstyle with scarf by Kim Jones. I skipped lunch because Globe Circuit Events in Makati was far from my hometown. It was down South when I am from the North. A heavy load of traffic is expected. Our family driver, Jerry, drove us there. He knows the way there, because he is like a human GPS. At the car, I tuned in to 99.5 Play fm, simply because I am bored...and I find their programs interesting. It kept playing the CloseUp song, "til they take us closer." It's so hot, even if the air condition is switched on. Nothing can cool me off but the memory of my heartbreak exactly a year ago. But nothing can stop me from having fun. This is how I think I will celebrate. 

My braided hair is already messy. I don't know how I'll fix it because it was pressed with too much hairspray (talk about non-eco friendly hair products.) I texted my online friend, Krish and told her I was coming already. "Too early! okay, enjoy, don't worry about us. See ya!" Her reply kept my hopes up. My stomach growled for food. When we got to their place, boy I was super hungry. We stopped by the nearest Jollibee and ate. I checked my phone 2:15 pm. So the gates just opened 15 minutes ago. Me and my sister, Joan, planned to go there by four. I tapped the game King of Opera in my iPad and battled with my sister. Got bored, and ordered spaghetti. She told me facts about hotdogs.
1. Hotdogs are food of the cancer cells.
Okay, everybody knows that. Apparently every food nowadays is for the immunity of viruses and cancer cells.
2. It is made of beef and pork.
She knows how much I don't eat pork. Haven't ate one for years. No questions please.
"So what's the worst digs a hotdog can bring me?"
3. Most importantly, a hotdog is made out of a cattle's intestines, kidney, lungs, eyes, nose, mouth, ears, and private parts.
Then I spit out the chunks I was chewing. I finished the pasta and the sauce. I couldn't even take another sip from my pineapple juice.

Here's the thing with my sister. She's my best frenemy. Enemy because we get to be compared by people all the time and we always get to "compete" with each other (sometimes in a good way, sometimes in a bad way). Even so, we are each other's keeper and that's what matters most. I watched her played Sims FreePlay, upgrade her town, and waited for the right hour.

I was conscious of myself because of what I looked like, but I have to feel confident too for I will meet Independence today. But my hair is messy. On the bright side, majority of the time there would be nighttime so no one will see my loose locks. By 3:50 we moved out of Jollibee to the place. We parked our car on a good shaded spot. It was a long walk until we finally had a place on the spot. Time for pictures to be taken and memories to be built!

Krish texted me. "Find him!" I tried to. He's six feet tall, but no signs of him anywhere. As me and Joan strolled throughout the place, we discovered the mini stalls there--shawarma, Jamba Juice, Greenwich, Don Henrico's, Havaianas, Folded & Hung, Sunnies By Charlie, Yahoo Castle Bounce! And a lot more. Most importantly, freebies everywhere! Hee hee hee! I never got bored in that place. Until Joan needed to rest her ankles, so we went back to the the Front Part. The VIP area looked like The Popular Lawn at the Barbie Diaries Movie. People are "passive," sitting, enjoying the view. Me and Joan looked secluded from all the circles embedded in the place. I replied Krish, "where are you?"
"OTW, don't worry about us."
A little later, Joan and I grabbed free punch at the Havaianas booth. Like Cady in Mean Girls, I asked "is this alcohol?" Then the girl who looked like Chloe Grace Moretz of Kick Ass. "No it's safe. Grab all you can okay. You can invite your friends to grab later okay. We're just here!"

After about ten huge gulps, I finished the entire cup. Can't believe I was so thirsty. I blame the scorching heat. Good thing there is Havaianas booth, me and my sister knew how to stretch our money. Later, there's free Selecta Cornettos given to everyone. I can't believe with all the food here, the place still looked clean. And then I saw the men with huge blue plastics and sticks. I knew that it's gonna be a tiring evening for them for collecting people's trashes. I wonder how many trucks will be filled with wastes after the event. Anyway, I just couldn't believe how much we live a life with so much to waste. So, I just gave the man a free punch from Havaianas. "Kuya o. I know you're thirsty. Here." I didn't do it to offend him because there's another garbage he will have to collect, but it's the least I can do with his situation. I know he could not get the drink he needs because his work is his priority. I'm very much surprised with the smile he returned at me? "Sarap a! (Very tasty!)"
"Kuya, isa pa? (Want one more?)"
"Hindi na. Salamat hija!" (No thanks. Thanks young lady)
Then I smiled back. "Ingat," (take care) I said, and walked out.

This selfie was flashed at the screen. People laughed at it. I heard the bouncers laughed at it too. hihihi 

Talk about greasy and sweaty. Haha, I love my legs!

Meet my twin sister, Joan.

We went to Yahoo Castle Bounce! With all the sweat in there I guess I burned a lot of calories. The long line was worth it when I have had my pictures taken. Wild. I requested the bouncer to guard my bag as I was inside. And he did it successfully. He is the jolly kind of bouncer. I met one jolly bouncers on every event I've been through. It completes the experience too.
meet the jolliest bouncer

Joan and I took some selfies. It was near dusk when I saw people with glow sticks already. "Let's go grab some glow sticks," I pulled my sister. Sometimes, I can be spontaneous. Whenever my sister complained with her aching ankles, I think of three things-- I should have brought my friend, Dominique, with me. She's a sport and always game for adventure like me; what if I brought my online friend, Emmyrery, with me? ; and I couldn't blame my sister for her feet. I know she wished it was soaked with warm water poked with the professional skill of the reflexologists. Even if I knew she would complain, she hands me her bag and stood up. We asked the guy wearing "CloseUp Forever Summer QUESTIONS?" Suit on him. He's cute. "Hey, we're wondering where we could get free glow sticks?" He stared at us, and asked his fellow partner where it was. Pointing out to the main lawn, "you could get glow sticks near the Havaianas booth, or just ask anyone na lang." We want to complain but thought about the limited number of glow sticks now only stacked at the place.

We walked a few more steps before the entrance for the Gold Tickets and there we saw "Grab Taxi Booth" giving free glow sticks. It was like riot! I could have wished that Filipinos knew how to line up properly. Good thing my sister followed the line that was in front of her, we haven't been eliminated and requested to line up at the back. Well, I guess Joan has instincts. We have had our hands two glowing sticks. Hers is yellow and green, mine is blue and green. I requested for violet instead of green. Anyway, at least I have one. I checked my phone and Krish texted me "Where are you? We're here! Have you seen him?" I didn't reply. Instant guts told me she was the girl I was seeing. She said she'd wore floral crown. Check. She'd also wear muscle tee. Check. And ombre shorts. Hmmm, the polo is covering it, I must check. So I strutted almost in front of her because I firmly believe it was her that I am seeing. The girl looked at me with aww. It is her. Thank genetics for my instincts.

We hugged. "I knew it was you!" I pointed her the most awesome places that were there in the place. I wished, that time there were more lights on the place. Moreover, I wished that I'd see Enrique Gil and my other biggest crush back then, LA. Well, I am not a fan girl of him anymore, but a supporter. Krish and I have been crushing on him, LA, for more than three years. Our hopes are up when he said he wants to meet us tonight (that day.)
 Photo by Krissha Sualog

We walked and talked about how the music is great and how it was unbelievable that we were there. She won her tickets on a contest, so she wouldn't have gone there if it wasn't for that. I mean, her mom would not allow her. On my part, it's just because I want it so badly. I pointed her to Havaianas booth. Soon, when they have drank the punch when I said "there's alcohol in there." Their eyes widened. Good thing they didn't spit at me or that would be horrific!

When DJ Ace Ramos and Mara Miranda played their music, the whole ground was shaking. I promised Krish that we'd meet there again, but this time with our crush. Me and Joan ran towards the VIP area. I went up on the front row and my sister was right behind me at first. There was free wifi there and I tweeted LA about him meeting us. I also tweeted closeup ph that the party was awesome! It was quite embarrassing because my tweets about LA kept flashing on the screen for the crowd to see. The once beside me, I think, knew that I was Michelle Tan. How odd. Good thing my display photo in twitter was "stunning", I guess. There was a life-sized Havaianas ball being thrown up in the air, and a number of beach balls being hoarded and and arbored by the crowd. They're supposed to be thrown up in the air, you know? The music was loud.

By 10 pm, Krish texted me that she will go home. So I tweeted LA that Krish will go home soon. I left my sweet spot on the front row, told my sister to stay there for a while, and I ran towards the Folded and Hung booth (near Havaianas) because it was our meeting place. I thought LA was there. I was thinking that I was a fairytale princess fighting for my prince, at that time. I wasn't the Damsel in Distress type, I thought. While running I got my left hand burned by a cigarette of a man. It was painful. I couldn't see the nearest restroom, so I simply blew the dusts away and kissed my hand. It was disgusting, but I had to do it for my hand's safety.
"Where's LA?"
"Not with me. I thought I saw him at the SVIP area."
"Let's text ate Emmyrey (mutual friend of LA) that we're here and he must go now, because we have a curfew."
Honestly, I forgot the other details of our conversation, but I was surprised that my sister followed me. Now, I felt my feet finally ached. I rested for a while there. Krish and her cousind, Sien, were drinking punches at the Havaianas. So much love for free things, I laughed at that thought. It was quarter to eleven when the pyro was unlocked.

I've waited for my prince too long. "Let's go home, I guess he's not coming." I concluded with final breathes of hopelessness. "Ate Emm texted. Wait, he's coming."
"I guess we could wait until the fireworks exhibition is over. Then We could go home."
Suddenly, flames of popping squeals rose up in the air. It the fireworks unlocked by the pyro. Avicii's (Levels) music played. I recorded the fireworks display. While seeing and appreciating the beauty of Chemistry, I told myself "there is hope. There is a chance. He's gonna come at the perfect time. Just believe in God."
"El Ey!" Krish screamed. I "stopped" the video recorder app and walked briskly to LA's direction. He seemed like he's looking for his special sweet candy girls. He made an effort to us.
"Hello." He said. "Akala ko aalis na kayo without me, eh. Woooo!" (I thought you'd leave without me. Woooo!)
I smiled and said, "Ano ka ba!" (*a metaphor of "what the heck are you thinkinh, of course not)
"Yes!" He raised both of his hands in the air like a champion in a battle. And we partied. I think we're all happy because we saw each other beyond the screens of our gadgets in social media.
It was my second time on seeing him in person. My first was exhilarating. Now, I think of him as a person only, not the LA that models. I see him as a friend only, now, I hope he considers me and my companions friends as well.
"That's Krissha!" I said.
"I know."
"She was wondering if you're friends with her ."
"Of course!" How I hope he is saying that not to be polite only or to please anyone, but perhaps, it's true and from his heart.
"Sino ako?" (Who am I?) okay, I am asking a stranger who am I. I wouldn't be surprised if he doesn't know me.
"Tami Yummy?" He replied, and I shook my head.
"What? Michelle Tan." He looked confused, but he smiled after. I shook my head.
"It's Tami Yummy 1-0-1."
"Now that you know me already, I hope we're friends now, okay."
"Oo naman." (Of course) And brings me to his arms.
"Where's Enrique?" I asked him
"Andun, nasa SVIP." (At the SVIP)
"Awww. I hope he was here too." Then LA smiles at me. He doesnt't have the best smile on Earth, but anyone can tell it was beautiful because of his sincerity from it.

Imagine my awkward face. 

And that's how we became friends. Hahahaha. I concealed the other parts of the conversation. Yet I will tell you, I bet we're all happy that it happened.

"So you're not broken hearted?" Krish asked me.
"Hmm, I must say nope. I am okay that he didn't pick me to that contest. At least we're friends now." I smirked. I vowed never to expect anything from him unlike what I did before. All I know is that if ever we got close, I will have to face a whole new level of criticisms and obstacles from everyone else. And so, I have to be stronger today and stronger than ever tomorrow until the next days.

We are all tired to party when DJ Helena was ringing the entire grounds to wildness. We went home because people started to buy drinks, smoking, becoming aggressively wilder. Safety is what we thought of, despite the thought that we'd miss Alesso and Deniz Koyu. I imagined what the place would be like if suddenly all the loudness of the music stopped. Total silence. A deaf revisit.

I was never normal after that encounter. I was stronger and wiser. When the four of us were ate the parking area, we bid goodbye and hoped that we'd see each other once more times infinity.

All the cars were triple parked. I disgust the Philippine self control and self discipline, that time. I saw LA's best friend, Coleen Garcia, lined up from the entrance. People are coming here just for Alesso. Wow. She was on the phone, but asked if we could take a picture of her. Later, she did.
 It seemed like I was the celebrity, cuz there's a barrier at my back and in front of her. She is so beautiful and skinny. Hahaha. I'd like to meet her.

At the car, I was checking out my photos, reminiscing where it was taken and who took it, recounting how much blessed I was from this experience.

CloseUp Forever Summer, felt like it was a summer to remember!
Of course, everything was made possible by their sponsors, the CFS crew, the Talented DJ's, and the rest of the growling crowd.

-Michelle Tan

Some highlights:

follow them:
@kianvelezz, @rowellareyes, @gabbyoliva, @carlitooow

the insanity is here!

 my sister with her all time fave swimmer, Johansen Aguilar.

40+++ Tweets unlocks the pyro

Well what do you know, you can't believe it's over! 

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  1. wow you're so lucky that you witnessed close up event! who's LA? I don't know him but he seems cute. is he arrogant or gay? anyways I just know Coleen Garcia and Enrique Gil. I know that they used to be a couple pa ata. anyways. rumor has it.


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