Dime for Diamond Part 1

                                                         Dime For Diamond Part 1
                                                               By Michelle Tan

It all started when a pile of junk changer her life forever

"It's okay," I tell myself. "The shade of my lipstick must be as bold as I should be." A reddish hue with shades of fierce has never been used. I just want to try it on, for once. I guess it's worth the try. 

Growing up in scraping trash for food has always been my everyday scenario for twelve years since my parents died. I was seven back then, unknowing that the world is as cruel as fencing themselves from enemies to guarding their backs to their so-called friends. The streets welcomed me with all kinds of anxiety. Everyday, I see people care nothing but the things that are stated from their comfort zones. They did nothing but follow their status quo. What's in it for them to do so? How on Earth would one know their rank in it? When they do, does it really reflect on what they are inside? 

That tragedy left nothing to me but a life from scratch. I am alone like any other diamonds in the world. Diamond, my name. People say my name does not fit for a place called junk, nor is that I fit my name. I guess diamonds are found deep or high on the mountains, and I was too, but on a smokey and trashed, man made mountain, Challenged by my dreary situation, I never stopped dreaming that I would one day, for the rest of my life, sit on that cosy corporate chair. Well, who doesn't? I guess, no one does. Orphanage shut their doors at me, saying that there is no room for one more. So I guess, I am not an orphan. I am abandoned. Luckily, it's not everyday I get pennies on the roads, but dimes. I sing and imitate people. I guess, it's annoying, so they gave away cash for good. Whether people realize or not what its worth, what matters is that I have something inside my ripped pocket. What am I saving for? A lipstick. I guess, it's all I ever wanted to have as a child. 

Now that my five hundred dollar MAC lipstick, I wanted more. 
At nineteen, how did I even landed on the top rank here on Face and Skin Cosmetics Enterprises, Inc.? Well, it's a matter of knowhow. 

Simple. I've already told you how the heck I lived my life for twelve years in scrapping on garbage for food or money, and it sucked, but I have to thank Divine Providence for it. One time, I was walking on this mountain filled with trash. Suddenly, I found the greatest treasure of all, a pile of magazine! It is bundled. For others, this pile of "junk" could sell. But for me, it's time for change. As I picked up one issue dated May 2000, it made a mark that it was at least five years ago, that time. "Dime!" Who would name their magazine Dime? $33.99, who would buy this? Or why throw this? Anyhow, I flipped the pages until I became addicted. Nope, not to smelling rusty sheets of the glossy pages, but on how they layout and write pages and publish pieces of them. Models are professional in their statuesque image, and articles are well written. This might mean luxury. The high life. This magazine is not like any others that I've seen before, talking about dating, sex, "celebrities and how to stalk them 101." This is about inspiring someone to live a high life not just for being materialistic or down grading, abusive citizens, but for making a difference. I cannot bring them home, I mean, they are bundles. I guess I have to mark this one as my territory. 

Since that day, I started learning tips and techniques on beauty, about people, and about living, until the day came that I finished the whole collection. If you wonder how the heck I started learning ABC's, or how in the world does a twelve year old understand slangs and technical terms found on magazines, well, I roam around the streets and sneak out, listen on people's conversations, collect old books, listen to street music. I spend some of my pennies to buy a book on how to fix an old radio. That's how; and that does not "inferiorate" me, not even a bit. Where were we? Ah, yes, the collection. I sold it and somehow I managed to earn bits of cash from it. Hundreds, I guess. Yes, I have been wanting to afford a room to stay, or a lipstick to wear, but that can wait. I assembled myself to buy a notebook and pen and write some stuffs there. Some, I bought for food, while others are devoted for future use. When finished, my first collection of articles are not enough to impress someone. And I bought a lot of pens and notebooks, until enough is enough. I need to, I mean I have to do it. "Reach my dream" 

"Where do you live and what is your background?" Truth be told, this question lead to several rejections. I don't know what to do now, am I not good enough? So what if I live on Garb Mountain, so what if I never had an educational background for twelve years, so what if I get rejected most of the time? I am motivated more than ever! And it's their loss, I hope. It's just so much. A scent of dizziness and blurriness came into me. I haven't remember much, but simply I have to hold on to my notebooks.

I woke up that day, and a lady standing before me, smiling.  I never felt fresh before. "Eat," she ordered while offering a basket of bread and apples are in it. Without hesitating, I grabbed some spoonful and munched them at my mouth. I want to satisfy my borborygmous stomach at least for now. 

Stay tuned for part 2! Tomorrow.

Dime for Diamond Part 1 Dime for Diamond Part 1 Reviewed by Michelle Tan on 2:49 PM Rating: 5

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  1. Brilliant! This made me cry a bit Michelle. Well i do hope and pray that you will achieve your future plans in life someday:) Just keep on fighting, stay strong, and hold on. Can't wait to read the next part:)))


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