Beyond The Vestibule

Peach warned me on what to expect beneath those sharp ends along the antique, secluded alley. Of course I never listened, for how could one know what is in it. I do not even know how she figured it out. Myths are just myths, and legends are legends before. Now, they are reality.

I know… I have learned my lesson the tough way, in which this realization can never be used. Ever. For one thing, I only know now—I will surely die in here and nobody would dare help me, for they have been told of what is in here. Or if they were here, what would they be doing in here? Only fools, like me, would lurk beyond the parameters of the prescribed “territory.”

There is no escape from this place. My memory of how I got here is still crystal clear in my mind. Although, I would rather think of another escape route than go back to where it all began. Besides, some parts from the path I took are completely destroyed. So, I really do not have a choice but to stick to where I am now and figure out how to survive this, if ever fate is in my favor.

My brain could not function well because of the darkness of the place and extreme exhaustion. I can feel my fragile body become more vulnerable, weaker, and less aggressive. Hopelessness makes it happen. My heart beats and it doubles as it pounds harder and faster, even if I am lying flat on the ground. I feel the emotions rising, regret has won the battle over all my current sentiments. Fear is the next thing that runs in me. I could not think of anything but the lamentations that rule in me.
“Roger, you can make it! You can get out of this place. This is just an adventure you’ll have to face.” I tell myself. Yet, I find my fright exceeding beyond any kind of terror. I am shaking from under my bones. I reached through my satchel, grabbed what I have—a half empty tumbler, a flashlight, an empty plastic bag that filled a scrumptious sandwich I ate hours ago, a face towel, and used batteries. I have nothing else with me. There is no way I can leave this place alive.

Out of my silent agony, something moved. I know it was not I, for how can a weak man maneuver in this situation? It moved quickly again, but it paused for a while. And as I reflect on its disturbing noise, I knew it was something big! As my eyes glance through the position where it moved, the silhouette fades, and as I look away from it, its formation becomes clearer. The further I look at its central figure; the silhouette reveals its sight. How ironic and completely spooky the object is. The dark aura becomes darker as both my eyes focus on that forecasting object. And even though the immensity of the atmosphere is quite big, it felt smaller because of that translucent but large thing. Probably because I felt the room smaller from the fear, as if the room is about to swallow me whole, gravitating me towards that unknown object that I know will haunt me for the rest of my life. Its small movements transformed into stupendous gestures. My hair strands cannot help but stand. Piloerected by its unpredictable shifting caused me to have minor hand spasms. The object wandered relentlessly. And there I sat on the floor, imperfectly rising from my previous lying.
The floor vibrated, and its frequency is so fast as if there is an earthquake. The ground is trembling, not because there is a natural phenomenon happening inside the gates of unknown, but because the translucent object is very hungry, and it knew exactly what to feast on. Me.
I stood up incompletely in a cow or dog position, and crawl as quietly as I can. Crawling, wiggling towards the end. I am searching, through my hand, a wall that may lead me to the vestibule. As far as I got from the vibration, the more hopeful I become. The thoughts that circled my mind earlier are still defeating and opposing me. I can barely find strength in my dejected journey.
I should have listened to her, Peach. She was always right. And I was always wrong. She is smart. If she were here, how would she figure to escape? Then again, Peach is smart enough not to go beyond the walls of the vestibule. I hate her. I love her. Oh, if she were here, I would feed her onto that silhouette. But I would be responsible for her death.
My sister is not as weak as I could be if she is in here. She is strong, not muscularly, but emotionally.
Searching through a wall, I continued to do. The vibrations disappear. I concluded that the monster is gone or distant from me, so I can finally run. And so I reached for my tumbler at my satchel, gulped the remaining water I have in it to recover myself. Then I ran. Fast. Until it came to the point that my lungs could burst and that I could barf up my own beating heart.
I saw a dim, horizontal light underneath or within the ground. Its colors are the prettiest I have ever seen, since it has been long from the time I last saw brightness. I could not believe that I have reached the surface, the gate, the so-called vestibule! So much relief, I felt, but horror struck me because I am still trapped to the gates of the unknown.
As I remembered earlier, the gates are high, and its walls have sharp but rusty blades. It has a gigantic lock. I could not unlock it because the only key is when the censor from the outside gates could predict a “passerby”. No one would dare stand up from the external so that the gates would open for me. The only way I could escape this place is to climb up. Without a second thought, I wrapped the towel around my hands. I have two of them. I climb up swiftly on the edge, gripping from the blades. My palms started to wound due to the saws from the blades, even if my towels are shielding them. Even if I can barely see anything, I know that they are bleeding. I can feel it.
Out of nowhere, I heard something dripping to the ground. I bet it is just my perspiration falling down or simply my crimson blood.
Then some pure evil wind was released behind me as if it exhaled something. Nope, I guess it is neither my sweat nor my blood that I heard dripping a while ago. It is the monster that found its target. Finally, the answer to my thoughts is clear—no matter how positive I hope for the sweetest escape, I will never leave this place, dead or alive. And I knew what the monster says to its mind to its food…checkmate. I win.

Category: Horror, Thriller
Created: Aug. 24, 2013. Finished: Aug. 25, 2013
Beyond The Vestibule Beyond The Vestibule Reviewed by Michelle Tan on 8:42 PM Rating: 5


  1. My next post to be uploaded here would be a letter for my first love. I hope that anyone could relate to it.

  2. Hi! Is this urban legend? who is the monster?

  3. Great thinking! More ghost stories please!!! And I like this one so much because it can be a figurative story to any kind of fear.


    FUN FACT: it was created during class when it was "free cut"


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