Insurmountable 4: Frozen Nightmares Insurmountable 4: Frozen Nightmares Reviewed by Michelle Tan on 4:05 PM Rating: 5
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People say that beautiful women do not have the right to become sad BECAUSE their beauty already makes them secure enough to hold on to thei...
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Strong Woman Strong Woman Reviewed by Michelle Tan on 4:11 PM Rating: 5
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Maybe will always be a mystery Maybe I loved you; or maybe I just loved the feeling of loving you. Maybe I was sc...
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To MaybE To MaybE Reviewed by Michelle Tan on 9:23 PM Rating: 5
Insurmountable 3: Hidden Desire Insurmountable 3: Hidden Desire Reviewed by Michelle Tan on 12:13 PM Rating: 5

Rom�rio Bispo

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