Maybe an unknown specie to the rest of Earth's creatures, people ask, "Who is that girl beyond the straight hair with the neon hairband and in that simple dress?"
This lady makes herself visible by her vivacious confidence. Far from her great features, she believes that substance is better than beauty. From writing, to "modeling", to being a hardworking student, to nocturnal creature of the night, she aces her roles except to her own self.

For starters, a coffee a day would make a bright smile on her face. She starts her morning waking up, gulping a cup of warm coffee, and dancing Zumba! to her sleeves. Breaking a sweat promises nothing but pure joy to her. A novel monthly suits her lifestyle as she feeds her cognitive area some ideas to run. Yearly, she collects planner, sends a letter to herself, edits her cork board/dream board, and reads her scribbles on her nifty journal to attest her progress in getting her dreams in reality.

An unexperienced blogger, though, she promises to harness herself through the books she reads and experiences she gets. She'll aid us with lots of entertainment... So sit back, relax, and click. Learn from the things she tell. And discover from the girl in that neon hairband.

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